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01-07-2016, 12:34
Hello fellow Sim Racers.

First of all many thanks to the Admin for allowing permission for me to post up here. (Permission granted by official PCars FB page)

To introduce myself, my name is Ryan, I am founder of a small website called http://gtarena.com

GTA was primarily conceived to cater for players of the Gran Turismo franchise and offered Gran Turismo clubs/teams the opportunity to have their very own dedicated and branded space on the website. Prospective GTA Clubs can set up a forum within the site, with an allowance for team logo/branding/layout of their forums, while having complete mod/admin control of their forums/pages. Clubs can also have their very own spaces, like club info pages and news sections etc. Additionally there are tools within the forum to aide the organisation of the events, like event signup buttons with events threads integrated in the site race calendar and so on. Members can also browse team/club listings and request to join, where club admin can accept of refuse etc.

Pretty much GTA offers Sim Racer clubs/teams everything that a clever and dedicated website can offer but all within the one site. The idea behind this in short was to put a large part of the racing community together in one place, as many micro communities that are all self managed but all working as one and all with their own unique and branded space.

The above was in response to many other clubs outgrowing other host forums that did not offer them the necessary tools within threads to organize themselves correctly. As a result many of these small groups ended up creating their own websites often using sub par software platforms, only to eventually diminish in numbers while all alone in the wild of cyber space, and eventually to nothing.

GTA has been around for almost 5 years and it has been hard to translate what GTA can offer, and in some respects we may have been arguably ahead of our time. We have had our good times and bad. Gran Turismo as you are all aware has had its issues, and now our core players are turning to PC. As a huge fan of PC, moving forward and in reaction to the tastes of my members, I would really like to put some emphasis on that franchise, with GTA being both a PC and GT website.

Since GTA's conception, I have been sole driver of the site, and certainly GTA in my view has some potential yet to be filled, especially now we are on the horizon of an explosion in ESports, and with GTA's team and competition focus, this future of the sport of sim racing fits really well with what GTA is about and what it can offer to the community.

All good things are only as good as the people behind them, and for me personally to get the site where I would like it, and to develop a strong and sustainable Project Cars community ready for Esports, I am looking for willing and talented people to get involved and staff up along side me as it is simply something I can not do alone.

So I am looking volunteers for staff for all or any of the below.

PCars Content Creation: Regular creation and publication of front of site news and opinion pieces for PCars.

Forum Administrators/Mods: To build upon/develop and Administer/Moderate Project cars forums.

Club founders/Event Organizers: Set up/manage/promote a PCars club/team, administer your own club/team forums and news/information sections. Run weekly PCars events etc.

If anyone here would like to contribute and come on board as staff, which will allow you the opportunity to have your ideas or creativity expressed. Additionally if you would like to have your own club forum and manage your PCars community please let me know.

There is allot more to say about GTA, but we would be here for ever, and this introductory post is already too long, so any questions please post up.

Thanks in advanced for reading the above wall of text, and for your consideration.

10-07-2016, 09:58
I am going to start with building a specific PCars sub forum over the next couple of days all themed in PCars'esc colours. If anyone has any suggestion on layout, fsub forum types etc let me know. For the forum, will use the PCars logo for now. Would anyone like to come up with a logo?

10-07-2016, 11:21
Hi Ryan, i having run a league myself and did all content for website would love to help you out, im sure i would be of great assistance .anyway if you would contact me at djballistic@live.com we can chat or add me on steam DJ"Ballistic"

11-07-2016, 10:22
Hey there DJ

Many thanks for the reply and offer of support. I am just away at the moment but will get in touch soon. I do not have Steam account but can do a mic chat on PSN (if you have) or via any other chat app. Might be easier than e-mails.

PS where are you based roughly? (timezone)

We surely must have some more willing and able people who would like to contribute. You do not have to be a pro at any one thing as can contribute numerous ways, even if it means signing up at my forum and contributing and helping to develop the PCars community forum.


15-07-2016, 14:57
It's great to see trying to establish a hub for sim racing. I'm not sure how much value I could add but for now at least I've signed up. Best of luck with the site :)

21-09-2016, 10:25
Hey gents

I have created a small PCars forum within the main forums. As you can see have used the PCars logo and kind of copied the PCars colour scheme too.....what do you guys think?

I am still looking for a keen person to Admin and grow the PCars forums. Here is a look (http://www.gtarena.com/community/forums/project-cars.317/)