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01-07-2016, 22:16
Hi does anyone know if during career mode if the A.I. difficulty increases by it self. For example If I went all the way from karts to Formula A and left the A.I. difficulty at 50 the whole time would the competition get any harder as I went to more difficult competitions or would I need to manually change the A.I. difficulty? Thanks for any replies!

01-07-2016, 22:32
Not directly. While the AI might be a little better at some cars/worse with others, I think the biggest differences you will notice are their skill (speed) with certain corners on certain tracks, relative to your own. You should also notice somewhat lower aggression in open wheel vehicles compared to tin-tops (i.e. touring cars).
The great thing with the career mode here is that you can increase AI difficulty and session length for tracks you like and are good at, and reduce them for tracks you're not so good at (Snetterton for me) to keep things even.

01-07-2016, 22:56
I thought I saw where the difficulty does go up as you advance through the ranks but maybe I'm wrong. I do know that the difficulty for invitational events is higher than in regular career events. I guess the thinking is that only the good drivers get the invitations so you're up against better competition.

In any case, it does vary quite a bit from track to track. You'll find some tracks you're really good at (or they're really bad) and others where you struggle against them, as Ryzza mentioned. What I did in career mode when I started was I set the difficulty to 50% initially. Every time I got on the podium I'd bump it a notch or two. If I got a hat trick (fastest practice, fastest qualy & won the race) I'd bump it 5%. If I finished out of the points I would drop it a point. Gradually I've worked my way up 80% and the competition is pretty good at that level for me).

02-07-2016, 02:01
It's also worth noting that for the average sim racer, it's going to be relatively easier to drive a slow car at 90% of it's potential compared to a much faster car such as LMP1 or FA. So your 'talent' (for want of a better word) may decrease as the AI remains more constant as you progress.

You could complete qualifying at one AI difficulty percentage, then exit back to the menu and adjust the percentage for the race based on how you did, iirc. I find around 80-86 is good for me. I've turned them down a little (75) while I'm getting used to VR.