View Full Version : Extreme VR with Project Cars and Oculus Rift

02-07-2016, 22:09
Thought this was interesting since they are using Project Cars for the demo of CXC Motion Pro II using Oculus Rift. Only $75k USD!

Here is a link to the CNET article CX Motion Pro II Testing/ (http://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/cxc-motion-pro-ii-with-oculus-rift-most-realistic-racing-sim-and-expensive-gaming-rig-ive-tested/)

11-07-2016, 03:06
Nice but in fact you do not have to pay anywhere near that amount of money to have an excellent & immersive Motion Sim. There are many diy rigs that sim racers are building really cheaply. There are also a few other turn key solutions much cheaper than these top end simulators, but they work just as well and are excellent options for fraction of the cost.

Simxperience have some great motion rigs that are basically the same ie. seat-movers using 2 or 3 degrees of freedom. http://simxperience.com/Products/MotionSimulatorKits/Stage4MotionSimulatorKit.aspx

I have a European built system that goes under my cockpit seat and racing for me has changed enormously, it is just so good now that it feels strange having a race where nothing moves except the steering wheel ! With VR it is simply fantastic :cool: It will probably always be at a cost that many people feel is unnecessary or just cannot afford or justify the expense for a hobby. But I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to try racing in a motion equipped system and feel just how great it is and what a difference it makes in the immersion factor.

This is the one I have and the support has been great with frequent updates of the excellent software package that runs it http://motionsystems.eu/motion-platforms/2dof-motion-systems/hs-202/
Only the seat moves and actually that works great because you cannot simulate G-Forces at this scale in the home and it works by tricking your brain with subtle movement cues that simulate the movement in the car & on the track. I have tried a system that moves your whole rig, pedals and monitor included and there are many videos on Youtube of those type of motion sims but actually you do not need to move alot and that 'carnival ride' style of motion is not necessary for racing sims. Flight sims are more suited to such movement though you still cannot replicate G-Forces and the net effect is you feel like you are being thrown around too much and it is disorientating - others disagree but that is what I felt, however sim racing is my focus.

Sorry if I have waffled on a bit, I think motion sims will become more popular & come down in price as more sim racers will get into it in the future, either building their own or buying ready made turn-key solutions.