View Full Version : How can i change the language in the Oculus home version?

05-07-2016, 08:43
I bought it yesterday. The store says there are different languages supported. I can't find the option :confused:

26-10-2016, 13:11
I am in the same boat.
Any news?

Roger Prynne
26-10-2016, 14:07
Does this help.....


26-10-2016, 18:11
Nothing new here.
Why should i contact Oculus? This is Slightly Mad Studios product. They set it on Oculus Home and wrote the description (I assume this at least).

26-10-2016, 19:09
Your question is not very specific. Ppl come here with questions for everything: I read your questions as "How do I switch the OH language?"

"Just bought OH version of game, where do I switch language within project CARS?" may help.

Maybe try changing your language under OH to whatever you want, might pick up in game - did a search and results are skimpy.

26-10-2016, 20:36
Sorry, im not good in english.
I bought the game at Oculus home. So i have the Oculus home version of this game (not the steam version).
I changed the language in Oculus home to my native language. But the game is still in english.
The Oculus home store page says, there are a lot of different languages. But i can't change it ingame.
So i asked it here.