View Full Version : Multi-class endurance league: LMP1, LMP2, GT3, and GT4 no assists

10-07-2016, 06:17

We are converting our league to a Multi-class endurance league. We need clean racers to fill the spots for the following:
LMP1: Need 3 to 4
LMP2: Need 3 to 4
GT3: Possibly 0 to 1
GT4: Need 3 to 4

Our site will be updated soon. I'll announce it here.

If you are interested or have questions, please post them here. We track personal stats, track lap records, and more. Team points exist too. No Assists. Same car for season. Thursdays or Fridays depending on what works for people.

Races will be 1 HR with a 2 HR middle race and last race.
11 in total. We will start as soon as we fill.

If you are interested and want an invite to a private practice session, please post your XBOX GT here.

My GT is GsR Fear

10-07-2016, 16:32
I updated our site with a few notes. This league is new (we have over a decade of experience Running game leagues) and it will be a community league. Our members will pick the tracks and help to iron out the rules. We believe leaving the options open (except the length and no assists) help to develope an exciting season.

Our original league (classified in order to seek new members) has run with many titles in which our site explains.

The site will be updated soon once I get a feel for how many will be interested.

Please visit us at http://Fridaynighttaillights.simplesite.com