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12-07-2016, 15:12

I love PCars in the Rift, it is my go-to VR experience. I was hoping to get some help optimizing my video settings to get the most out of the game I can. Can someone give a detailed explanation (or point me to the thread that does) of what the best VR settings are to maintain a good frame-rate while getting the best detail possible? I'm using a GTX 970 with a top end i5.

Some of the settings are a little obscure if you're not well-versed, and I've tinkered enough to to know that the wrong setting can really throw things off. My biggest complaint visually at the moment is that some fences and vertical lines in the distance have a jagged or off-putting way about them. Any suggestions are appreciated, Thanks!

Shad Stang
31-07-2016, 17:39
I can't give you much of a detailed explanation, but I can give you my settings.

The GTX 970 is barely sufficient for Project CARS. If you want high detail and little jagged lines, then you will have to wait until the technology matures. VR is still in it's early days and compromises will have to be made. That said here are my settings:

i7-6700k 4.5GHz OC
GTX 970 ~1400MHz OC

Lowest as possible
Exception: Track detail - Ultra

Now these are of course compromise settings, but I can't see any drops with 15 cars and clear weather or free practice in the rain.
With light rain and 20 cars it'll be a little jittery but sufficient once the field evens out.

Roger Prynne
31-07-2016, 18:28
Have you turned off 'Detailed Grass' + 'Enhanced Mirrors' + 'Motion Blur' ?