View Full Version : DIY handbrake wiring - G29 PS4

12-07-2016, 21:50
My mate is going to make me a vertical spring handbrake with a micro switch. I just need to know if wiring it is going to be as simple as it is in my head.

So, I plan on opening up my wheel and taking the wires that go to a button that I don't use (R3 for example), and basically extending them to the micro switch on the handbrake.

Sounds simple but is it? and will it work?

I briefly saw a video on youtube of a guy wiring his handbrake straight to the circuit board of his G920. Is this what I need to do or will the above idea be sufficient?


13-07-2016, 08:57
Ask this canadian dude on twitch, he has made this on his G29.

15-07-2016, 15:33
use an arduino pro micro to make connection to playstation 4. i have videos of this working with my sequential shifter build. on youtube essnetially the same thing but instead of just pulling to use the e brake im using it as a sequential shifter. if you decided to build my mod you can always assign the pull down of the shifter as a hand brake.

i cant post links yet so copy and paste
the build vlog
stress test