View Full Version : Can see through driver's gloves/arm in Zonda Revolucion

13-07-2016, 22:32
When inside this car using any interior camera it is possible to see the dash through a gap between the driver's gloves and overalls, as if the driver model hasn't been joined together properly in this area. Just park up and rotate the wheel and you can clearly see the dash display visible through the arm. PS4 user. Can this be looked at/confirmed by others?

14-07-2016, 01:27
There are a few cars this way:


As per my comment in the above thread, it's not likely to get address since it doesn't prevent any gameplay.

14-07-2016, 22:27
Thanks for the reply. I've been lucky enough to never have driven a car with this issue before and after reading that other thread I see it's not a one-off. Won't stop me playing this game of course.