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15-07-2016, 11:16
With Sony stuffing all Fanatec users , looks like the time for the big move is now .
Im curious what PC gamers think about something like this and would components be upgradable as $ permit ?
If VR isn't possible will it still run games like pCars on a level that exceeds PS4?
And what else should i need if this isnt good enough ? As $ aren't freely available this is about my budget .

15-07-2016, 13:39
All the components will be upgradeable. Personally, I think the custom - build it yourself - path is the way to go. May seem scary looking at all the pc parts but it is a very rewarding experience once complete; honestly not as hard as it looks, just need a screw driver. Another good site to start your research is pcpartpicker.com. Anyway, pre-built isint the end of the world. Ibuypower lets you build custom setup's that they will build for you. Never bought a pc from them so unsure of customer service, returns, warranty, etc.

GPU I would change, might be a good idea to look at the GTX 1060 (1070 if you can save on other parts); looks to beat it in performance and from reading the forum here Nvidia cards seem to play nicely with pcars compared to AMD - less headaches.

When I made the jump from xb1 to pc I was star struck seeing the graphics, all on ultra, and a rock solid 60 FPS - console may seem smooth/look good now but wait till you play on a mid/high range pc, whole new world. Main difference that I noticed after graphics was the butter smooth steering inputs. All in all, my overall experience on the pc has been smooth and its obvious where the game should be played in my book.

Would be a good idea to post your budget in here, sure many will post there recommendations, more then likely better then mine :o.

*My setup below plays pcars in VR with no problems, might not be in budget but could save on lower spec hardware; to start CPU and M.2 SSD could be swapped out.

15-07-2016, 13:57
Thanks for your reply , this is stretching the budget at $1700 AUD .

26-07-2016, 04:59
Some other good PC parts sites for Australia where you may be able to get a little more for you money:


You might also find a nVidia 980 GTX second hand from someone who has upgraded to the 10 series. For CPU and GPU I often find it useful to look at benchmark sites and compre price + performance increases to work out which model to target.

I know the RX480 has been marketed as VR capable (more at the entry level) but I'd be tempted to go a little better than that to make sure you don't want to replace it after a shorter amount of time.

28-07-2016, 21:10
Yes I would defiantly recommend a better GPU. I'm running a 1070 and I think it is just about good enough. Yes it will run on lower spec GPUs but on low settings and a think you really need AA turned up to get the best out of current VR headsets. Also I don't think you really need 32gb Ram, 16gb should be more than enough.