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15-07-2016, 17:47
Any update on when/if the coders will start including the use of this feature in the pCars code? It should dramatically increase the lack of fidelity the HTC users are seeing in project cars. (It will enable the rift users to max settings as well.) Nvidia is marketing this a 200 % performance increase for VR.

We’ve taken the new Simultaneous Multi-Projection architecture of NVIDIA Pascal-based GPUs to create two major new techniques for tackling the unique performance challenges VR creates: Lens Matched Shading and Single Pass Stereo.

Lens Matched Shading improves pixel shading performance by rendering more natively to the unique dimensions of VR display output. This avoids rendering many pixels that would otherwise be discarded before the image is output to the VR headset.

Single Pass Stereo turbocharges geometry performance by allowing the head-mounted display’s left and right displays to share a single geometry pass. We’re effectively halving the workload of traditional VR rendering, which requires the GPU to draw geometry twice — once for the left eye and once for the right eye.

Both techniques allow developers to increase performance and visual detail of their VR applications. Combined with the performance of GTX 1080 GPUs, Simultaneous Multi-Projection delivers a dramatic 2x VR performance improvement over the GeForce GTX TITAN X.*


26-07-2016, 05:01
As impressive as it sounds, odds are it will be added only to pCARS2. Happy to be corrected by team blue though.

07-08-2016, 13:26
It would be an absolutely brilliant update but I fear, as Ryzza5 said, that we may be much too late into the life cycle of pCars to expect them to spend anytime implementing such an update.

Would really love to be wrong about that and I guess time will tell ! :wink-new:

07-08-2016, 15:30
Given that no games at all (even nvidia's own fun house tech demo) use single pass stereo, it smells like vapour ware to me. Perhaps it requires the render pipeline to work in a very specific and unrealistic way. Or perhaps it's little more than marketing hot-air

12-08-2016, 20:39
Yeah, even move to GTX 1080 wasn't that big of a step up from GTX 780Ti (in VR), so there might be some questionable statements on their behalf, and, no, my system is not CPU bound.

13-08-2016, 01:57
Going from 780Ti to 1080 is a massive leap for high graphical detail and keeping steady frames at 90 for pCars in VR. From 970 to 1080 is huge leap and even from 980Ti I noticed significant gains for VR. Different games will vary of course but overall I am really happy I upgraded.

13-03-2019, 13:51
Any update on this being added to PC2??

It was enabled in iRacing recently with great success (https://www.reddit.com/r/iRacing/comments/axlucw/vr_sps_now_enabled/)