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15-07-2016, 19:29
So last night was the first time I was able to drive on my new VR sim rig using my Vive VR headset, and the first track I had to try out was of course Nordschleife my favorite track in the entire world, and try it in my favorite car the Porsche RUF GT3. Wow what a treat. It felt like I was actually driving on the Green Hell in Porsche 911 (minus the G-forces of course). However after an hour or so of pure joy, I needed to try something else and try something kind of at the opposite end of the sim racing spectrum. So I jumped into a Formula Renault car and loaded up Monaco. However all did not go as well. At Monaco the head tracking jumped around so much that it caused me to be disoriented enough to drive into the barriers. Now Monaco is challenging enough to stay out of the barriers at the best of times. But to have the headset's head track constantly change on you mid corner, corner after corner made a difficult track exponentially even more difficult to navigate. I was able to turn laps, but I was no where close to driving at my limit. It appears that at Monaco, a track that requires a lot of looking towards the apex, the VR headset easily looses it's bearings and jumps around too much. I even mapped a button on my wheel to center the VR headset, but you really only want to press the center button when you a on some sort of straight. You definitely don't want to center it in the middle of a corner. So that didn't really help much on a tight unforgiving street circuit like Monaco. Oh and I know this track quite well, I am able to drive it using 2D screens in the Formula Renault car at my limit which is close to the car's limit.

Just to make sure it was the track and not the car. I stayed in the Formula Renault, but headed over to the Barcelona GP track (another track I know well). I did fell the need to occasionally re-center the headset every time I made it to the main straight now that I had a button mapped on my wheel to do so, but the problems experienced at Monaco didn't really exist at Barcelona. Oh and I had an absolute blast flying around Barcelona in the Formula Renault car in VR. Now this all happened late at night, and I couldn't do an all nighter (I did need some sleep before coming into work). But I will try something this evening when I get home. I will jump back into the Porsche RUF GT3 car and head over to Monaco to see if the same head tracking issues persist in the GT3 car, or perhaps it was just the combo of the Formula car and Monaco that was all mucked up.

Has anyone else tried to drive at Monaco in VR?

Roger Prynne
15-07-2016, 20:38
I don't know much about setting up VR in pCARS, but have you turned off look to apex, camera movement etc in the options.

15-07-2016, 21:15
I don't know much about setting up VR in pCARS, but have you turned off look to apex, camera movement etc in the options.

I just did a couple laps and couldn't repro your recenter issue, but i'm using a Vive. I did have a DK2 when they were first released. I suggest moving the tracking unit a little farther from your face so that the sensors are more like to be in view.

16-07-2016, 06:31
I don't know much about setting up VR in pCARS, but have you turned off look to apex, camera movement etc in the options.

It's my own head that is turning and looking to the apex like I should be doing if I was driving on a real world track. However this is not the real world. It's VR and the more I drive with my Vive the more I am realizing that I should make a conscious effort to reduce the amount my head moves and when possible try to use my eyes to look to the apex. It's just more difficult at Monaco due to the nature of the track and there aren't as many good places to dynamically re-center the headset like there are on more traditional tracks.

PS: I am loving this VR stuff though. I logged a number of hours on Nordschleife again this evening and knocked 6 seconds off of my previous best lap time and this new personal best lap still left some time on the track for additional improvements due to some minor driving mistakes. Monitors are obsolete. LOL

25-07-2016, 03:00
Do you have any other bright/infrared light sources in your room that could interfere with head tracking?

25-07-2016, 08:33
It definitely shouldn't be doing that.

My DK2 used to do that if there was a lot of sunlight in the room, or if I was turning sharp corners and blocked the sensor camera with my hands/arms.

So I would look at ambient lighting, sensor positioning - both distance and height, you should never have to recentre once the race is underway, that only happens when the sensors completely lose tracking.

10-08-2016, 06:32
Those tracking problems I was having at Monaco do not exist anymore. This evening I jumped back into the Formula Renault and headed to Monaco and my head tracking was fine. I suspect the problems were related to where I originally had my lighthouses located in my sim racing room. But everything is good to go now. Of course I am nowhere near as fast on this iconic track than I would like to be. Nothing that 10,000 laps couldn't help remedy? LOL

John Hargreaves
10-08-2016, 08:13
The amazing thing about Monaco in VR is the sheer scale of everything - all those hotels so close to the track the sense of height and scale is really striking. I've driven thousands of laps here in 2D but it's a completely new experience in VR. Glad you got sorted.