View Full Version : Quick Question for the Livery Pro's

17-07-2016, 16:13
I am currently playing on PS4 and would love to get into designing Liveries, I know that you can not do that in PS4 but I would like to do them per request for some of the PC Guys, I am a Graphic Artist and have Photoshop and doing the designs will be no proble once I get the swing of it, my question is this, is there a way to preview what the Livery will look like without owning Project Cars on my PC, I.E. A program I can download etc. Thanks for any input guys.

17-07-2016, 18:02
I don't think so unfortunately. You can get a pretty good idea of what it will look like with the wireframe templates in photoshop, but as far as I know the only way to actually see the livery on the car is in game.

18-07-2016, 00:16
You may need to enlist the help of a friend with the PC version otherwise.

20-07-2016, 05:57
Thanks for the Input guys.