View Full Version : Monitor refresh rates

17-07-2016, 22:20
I am currently playing on a 23" 5ms 60hz panel. Have you stepped up to a to a 1ms 100 hz or higher panel, if so did you notice a better experience. Did your lap times improve or just make the game look better?

18-07-2016, 12:21
it would not make a huge difference as far as lapntimes goes I believe , as long as you get a solid 60, but it could be quite pleasing on the eye, just since it's so smooth if over 60. but going from 5ms to 1ms shuld not make a huge difference, if at all, not going to give you seconds per lap.

18-07-2016, 14:01
Triple 27" 144Hz 1ms now, giving me 55-65 fps average.
My laptimes went down, but that is without any doubt thanks to the triples.
At first I had only one monitor which replaced a 32" LED TV, and the eye candy was at a higher level, laptimes did not change,