View Full Version : Can't get Voice Attack to work with pCars while using my VIVE HMD

21-07-2016, 16:49
When I launch Project Cars the normal way and play with 2D monitors, Voice Attack works fine recognizing my voice commands (though I found using the KISS theorem works best regarding the actual commands). So while Voice Attack makes it easier as a hands free experience in the 2D way of playing Project Cars, the real reason why I wanted to adopt Voice Attack was to using it when I am playing in VR. But I can't get Voice Attack to work with pCars while using my Vive HMD. I thought it might be because Voice Attack needs to be launched with the Admin role (which is weird since the Windows account I am logged in as, is the Admin). I also thought it might have something to do with me running Windows 10, so I set up Voice Attack to use the Windows 8 compatibility mode. But neither one of these config options seem to make a difference once in VR.

So now I am wondering if it has to do with:

1) In Voice Attack I setup the app to use the send commands to the "Active Window" option. But perhaps this isn't how the VR HMDs are setup. Perhaps they aren't considered a Window? I am pretty sure I have pCars setup to run as a Window, and not to run as a full screen and I do have the mirroring enabled.


2) I launch Project Cars from the Steam VR UI and perhaps this is wrong? Perhaps Project Cars needs to be launched differently for it to work with Voice Attack in VR?

So is there anyone out there running Voice Attack successfully in Project Cars in VR? If yes did you need to do any extra tricks to get it to work?

21-07-2016, 23:15
Are you using the same speakers + mic in Windows for both ways? Perhaps donning the HMD tells Windows to change your default recording device?

22-07-2016, 00:55
Problem solved. It was a configuration issue with my headset's mic. Weird that it worked in the normal game and not in VR. Nevertheless, Voice Attack now works for me inside of Project Cars.