View Full Version : Connecting PS4 to Buttkicker Gamer 2 (Please Help)

22-07-2016, 12:14
Hi there can anyone please help me connect my gamer2 to my PS4 I'm a little bit thick when it comes to this sort of thing. I do have the HDMI to Audio converter and have set it up the same as other posts have told me to but get nothing. I keep reading about plugging the Buttkicker into headphone amp but I don't have headphones, I have Logitech Z506 surround sound running through a audio to optical splitter which goes into the back of the PS4. Please can someone help me out as I've had the gamer2 for a couple of months now and it's getting me down. Any help or info would be highly appreciated

22-07-2016, 15:18
I'm not sure but aren't you supposed to change the sound setting in the PS4 menu?


22-07-2016, 16:10
Connect SUB OUT or the RCA OUT JACK from Logitech Z506 to the Buttkicker's INPUT.

22-07-2016, 19:32
if your TV has a 3.5mm audio output jack use that... I run 2x buttkicker gamers 2 this way and it works Great!!! I use 1 for left bump feel and 1 for right bump feel.
also the benefit of doing it this way is what ever plays through your TV you can feel Movies, PS4,XB1,PC!!!

the white RCA line is Left and the Red RCA line is Right:yes:

Crisis Nine
27-07-2016, 08:55
I have mine running through an HDMI audio extractor and it works perfectly. I used to run from the TV red & white out but the effects just weren't strong enough. Do you have the red and white cables coming out of the red and white jacks on the audio extractor?