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22-07-2016, 22:44
Yesterday we had a race that involved 13 players from all around the place, 22 laps beginning at night in heavy fog followed by clear weather, the sun came up in the fog and the track got warmer as the sun cleared the fog and brought daylight. How beautiful this was. I cannot express how impressed I am with this game now, I did critisize it when it came out as I felt it was not ready but I should have give it time, for that I appologize to the Pcars team because what we have is nothing less then extraordinary. Keep on the good work.

25-07-2016, 07:20
Sounds like you had a great race - which track was it?

I had an absolute gem of a race yesterday at Imola, started from pole (a first for me), dropped back to third after being passed cleanly on the opening lap, and took second place over the line on the last lap having battled for 4 laps with the guy in second. Super clean race and great fun to be part of. Restored my faith in online racing, just wish it had been more laps.

31-07-2016, 10:32
That one was at Watkins Glen, last week was at Sonoma where we started in the morning in the clouds, then rain then clear weather, the track goes from cold to colder to warm and hot, what a blast. We were 13 people, all clean racers going for 1 hour races after practice, qualification and warm up, for a total of more than two hours of pure joy.