View Full Version : Pit lane full cost me a race!!!!!

25-07-2016, 22:06
I was running at Oultan Park in the Renault Clio cup in my first season. First race no problem, pole position and a win by a comfortable position at difficulty 60%. Decide to bump it up to 65% as I keep my learning curve going. Race starts out clear and then 4 laps in it starts pouring on the back side of the course. I slide off the track and lose a few positions. When we get back to the front stretch just about the whole field dives into the pits. I try to get to my box and it says pit box full so I gotta do another lap on slicks sliding all over the place. After all that I came in 4th on a 15 lap race. Was amazingly fun the entire time and no other racing game had these situations happen for me. Great change of pace with these hiccups!

25-07-2016, 22:26
This is a known bug.
Ideally we should be able to enter the pits and wait behind teammate, that's how it works in real life.

26-07-2016, 01:31
There is some more info on the subject here...