View Full Version : anyone know what it says on the back of the 19 bmw gt3 car?

kevin kirk
28-07-2016, 04:05
something is written in the back of it. you know how you use your finger to write something on a dirty car. Looks like it says THX on the left and something else on the right. I cant make it out no matter what cam I try. The curiosity is driving me crazy

28-07-2016, 04:44
Do you mean this one?


28-07-2016, 06:01
"THX Fans"

One of the mechanics wrote it on the car at the end of the 24h race.

Joshua Healy
28-07-2016, 06:49
As Invincible said, it's based on this.


28-07-2016, 13:16
#55 RUF GT3's 'goat washing since 2007' slogan was also inspired from a real racecar too #truestory #notreally ;)

kevin kirk
29-07-2016, 00:50
miss seeing this car on the track this year, I have seen a couple in the blauchpain (spelling?) lower series that runs on the same weekend as the main race. Cant think of the name of that "lower" series at the moment.

29-07-2016, 00:55
Blancpain Sprint?

kevin kirk
29-07-2016, 02:23
Blancpain Sprint?....blancpain sports club I think it is