View Full Version : Tires - Automatic by Weather

03-08-2016, 01:33
Have had a couple races now in career where Automatic by Weather appears to be bugged. It has happened under the same circumstance each time. Raced two separate rounds in two separate series (GT3 and LMP1) that consists of a sprint race and a main race. The sprint race was under dry conditions while the main race started under wet conditions. However, the Automatic by Weather setting seems to carry over whatever tires were used in the sprint race thus starting the car on slicks instead of inters or wets despite the conditions being Rain. Stranger still, the same held true for all of the AI in both races as well.

Is this a known bug, am I simply unlucky, or am I just missing something stupidly obvious regarding weather? I know I shouldn't be relying on Automatic by Weather to begin with; I typically do for ease of effort in QRWs which unfortunately I seem to carry over to career far too often. Honestly, I wish it wasn't even an option to begin with, especially since the one part of the game where it would be hugely beneficial - AI co-driver pit stops - it's not even an option. Oh, well.

03-08-2016, 08:28
I may have run into this in a Formula Rookie career round a couple weeks back but I can't be sure. I was sure I still had the tyres set to automatic by weather but went out on the wrong tyre, I put it down to having accidentally changed the setting before exiting the tuning window.