View Full Version : Headphones on PS4 with Thrustmaster 80

03-08-2016, 17:12
I went to Gamestop last night to get a headset for my PS4 and I asked which one would be good to use. Then I told him I mainly play racing games with a wheel that doesnt have a jack. He said the only way to go is to do the wireless one for $100.00. Any suggestions if thats the only way to go?

16-08-2016, 00:55
Not the only way to go.
Plenty of plug-in via USB surround headsets. Everything I've seen in the price bracket of the PS Gold wireless headsets are NOT wireless and are equal in sound quality. So, go the PS Gold wireless.
If you're willing to spend more, get a decent surround set. I'm looking to grab a set of Tritton Pro+ soon (proper surround and not as pricey as Astro). The plantronics rig headset I have isn't worth the wired mess over the PS Gold.