View Full Version : Project CARS + HTC Vive = Amazing

17-08-2016, 21:45
I just wanted to stop in and applaud the makers of Project CARS on their HTC Vive implementation of this game. The immersion is phenomenal. I had a few hickups getting the setup figured out but once I got everything configured (keybinding the VR recenter camera function is key) the experience is truly amazing. Of course it helps I've coupled the Vive with a Fanatec force feedback wheel, and I'm using a Titan X video card for buttery smooth framerates. I keep trying to progress my career mode, but I'm just so addicted to running Laguna Seca in that Corvette C7.R. I love it!

Between the immersive VR visuals and the force feedback wheel I swear I can almost feel the car moving beneath me.

I used to road race motorcycles and I'm pretty sure this is the closest I'll get to reliving the 'good ol days' without actually putting life and money on the line again.

Thank you so much for this experience!

I think I'll go run another race!

17-08-2016, 21:58
I've had my Oculus DK2 for just short of 2 years now and the only reason I'd give it up is to get the CV1 or HTC Vive. As you say, the sense of immersion is like nothing else, especially if you're sat in a racing chair.

enjoy your next race!