View Full Version : New T300 GTE Normal Behavior?

23-08-2016, 12:25
Hopefully somebody can shed some light on whether or not this is normal or a potential problem.

I have only had the wheel for a few days and all is well. However, I have noticed that when I turn the wheel while moving slowly (10-20mph) the force feedback feels like high frequency notches, not big notches but very similar to how the gears of a G25/G27 feels, not smooth like I was expecting a belt driven wheel to feel.

Is this normal because I've heard the terms "like butter" and "silky smooth" mentioned when talking about the T300? Is this slightly exaggerated? It is smooth but not totally free of that "gear" feeling.

I am waiting for Assetto Corsa on Friday to see if this is just how the wheels are or if it something in the setting of Project Cars.

The graph in the telemetry shows when I turn the wheel at slow speeds the yellow line also represents this high frequency movement.

I am using jack spades per car settings and global settings based on his but with FFB: 60 and Tire Force: 75 with no linkage stiffness.

Thanks for looking, hopefully somebody can help.



23-08-2016, 17:37
Have you verified you have the same problem when you aren't using those pCARS FFB settings? i.e. have you confirmed the behavior always happens even without those FFB tweaks?

24-08-2016, 09:58
Yeah did that last night and adding 1 click of mz smoothing has pretty much cured the problem and the wheel feels smooth at all speeds now. Hopefully when it's worn in a little it may get even smoother.