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26-08-2016, 01:53
I posted this here instead of the VR support forum because the issue is with the wheel, not the VR. The VR works fine.

I have an HTC Vive and I ran into this issue using an old Forza Motorsport CSR wheel. That wheel is no longer supported by Fanatec, so I figured you guys would tell me to fly a kite on this issue, so I bought a Logitech G920 racing wheel. Both wheels experience the exact same issue, so I think we can rule out the wheels or drivers since they're different manufactures.

Steps to reproduce issue:

1) Delete default.sav to reset all game settings
2) Start a single race without going into any settings

Result: everything works fine

3) Now go into controller settings and keybind one of the keys on the wheel to the "Center VR Headset" function.
4) Start a single race

Result: Can no longer steer the car left. Steer right, brake, accelerator, shifting all still works.

Only way I've found to recover from this issue is to delete my default.sav file. Removing the binding or changing it to something off of the wheel does not resolve the issue.

Again, this happens with both wheels, so I do not believe this is a driver/wheel issue. It's something the game is doing.

HTC Vive
Geforce Titan X
Intel i7
Logitech G920 wheel
Logitech G910 keyboard
Logitech G633 headphones
Logitech G600 mouse

Yes, I like Logitech

26-08-2016, 08:13
This may sound daft but, I presume the wheel is absolutely, definitely, certainly centered when you do the 'Center headset' binding? I know it's a long shot and highly unlikely but I've seen stranger things in my time!

If I remember, I'll try on my Logitech G25 when I get home tonight - I have that function currently mapped to a switch on a button box.

26-08-2016, 14:59
I'm not intentionally turning the wheel when I set the binding. However am I absolutely positive it's at 100% top dead center? No. Should that matter? No. If that is the issue it's still a bug.

I was not clear in my OP. I'm starting the game in VR through the SteamVR desktop. I don't know if that matters. Once the steering is compromised I have tested launching the regular desktop version of the game and the steering is still compromised there too... which makes sense since both versions use the same save game file.

I haven't tested if setting the binding in desktop mode bypasses the issue. I'm going to guess not, but I don't have any hard facts yet. I'll post back once I try that.

26-08-2016, 15:50
I only launch the 'desktop' version but I've just assigned the VR Rest to one of the 2 buttons on my G25 wheel and didn't have a problem with steering left or right.

The only reason I mention the wheel not being centre is that there might have been the tiniest possibility that the game sensed movement of the wheel and actually assigned the VR Reset to turning the wheel, rather than the button you were pressing. That would, however, have shown up on-screen as the wrong 'button' would have been assigned to the VR Reset.

Also, I have a DK2, just in case that makes a difference. Really need to see whether other Vive owners can test to see what results they are getting :)

27-08-2016, 01:09
So interestingly enough if you bind the button in desktop mode and then exit the game and go into VR mode it works like a charm. There's your work-around. Still a bug in my opinion, but a much lower impact bug.

27-08-2016, 02:05
Another workaround is to go into VR settings and turn 'Always Recenter At Race Start' to Yes. Then just make sure you look straight when the race loading screen [dis]appears.

27-08-2016, 11:09
I got a vive and a g29 and use a wheel button to centre the view. All works fine. The only issue I have is the vr settings always reset to default when I start the game

John Hargreaves
27-08-2016, 21:38
I've had some similar issues, maybe not exactly the same but along the same lines. This works on the G29; with a new profile I'd set all the wheel settings in desktop mode first before running in VR to make sure it was working, I use the big button with the red wheel round it to centre VR as it's easy to find blind. Sometimes I am only able to turn left in the game, even though my X+/X- axes are indicated as being in use. So if you go into 'edit assignments', and reassign the steer left, right and all the other settings even though they might appear to be correct, then calibrate the wheel for your chosen rotation and save. That fixes it for me, and it happens now and again, as I have quite a few controllers plugged in permanently (HOTAS etc) which I think might be what causes it.
I think you have slightly fewer options available in VR, camera movement, g-force etc iirc, so it makes sense to set up everything in normal 2D first then move to VR.