View Full Version : Titan XP only ruuning at 45% usage in VR Cv1

29-08-2016, 00:19
For some reason new Titan only loafing along in Vr. Running Reg screens maxed at 99% usage at 2050. In Vr only about 40%. Put overclocked 980TI in system and it runs at 99% usage in VR. Used fresh drivers for each card install. Also with 980Ti overclocked to 1500 I was able to run the same settings as Hardocp did in thier test and the 980ti ran with no reprojection and had no dropped frames in a race. I may send back Titan if I cannot get better performance. Any ideas?

30-08-2016, 09:30
It sounds like you could easily raise the visual settings higher under VR to better utilize the power of your 1080 Titan. You can also use oversampling. All these will put more demand on the gpu

30-08-2016, 14:28
Tried all that, does no good. Usually this works. This is some driver problem I believe for the new Titan only. It works fine in oculus home and it the vr test from Steam. Also works fine in the game when using a monitor and not VR.