View Full Version : Invisible wall again (4 times in 4 league race)

31-08-2016, 20:15
:mad:Hi guys !

How are you since last week ?

One more race with our league on Ps4, with time on Catalunya National with Formula Gulf.... and same story than my last 4 races :
a fu***** invisible wall :


I try to record it in replay mode but when i'm on it the replay also screen : black screen and restart from 0 after a little backward (two times)


Please staff answer me, because I really want to know...
I always try to give you maximum information and stay calm but i'm very frustrated...
Does my posts helps developers ? Did someone works on a final patch ?
It's a real need. You game is really amazing but bugs in it are amazing too.... :(

Markus Ott
31-08-2016, 20:37
No more patches coming

31-08-2016, 21:02
No more patches coming

Really ? Never ? With known bugs on multiplayer mode ?

31-08-2016, 23:04
A fellow racer in our racing community was having a lot of issues, including invisible walls etc. says since he has deleted game data and done a full reinstall he has had no issues. Think he deleted all but the profile data, so your career progress if you have any, remains intact.

01-09-2016, 12:06
Really ? Never ? With known bugs on multiplayer mode ?

At this point, SMS has not announced any patches. How you read into that will depend on you (i.e. glass half empty or half full person).