View Full Version : Tyre temps in HUD still wrong after over a year.

31-08-2016, 23:55
On the HUD display there are four large tyres. Above each tyre there are 3 little numbers. The one closest to the car is (supposed to be) the interior tyre temperature. The middle one the middle temp, the one farthest from the car the exterior. The relationship between these temps is used in tuning, especially camber.

Unfortunately, the HUD always shows the inner temp to be even or slightly higher on the front left and rear right tyres, and always shows the inner to be even or slightly lower on the front right and rear left tyres. And I mean ALWAYS. No matter what car, what track, how the camber is set, how you are driving, ALWAYS.

Since at least May of last year ( see http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/showthread.php?23037-Telemetry-detail&p=909113&viewfull=1#post909113 )

See https://youtu.be/QSMTaT5LdJE for a very graphic demonstration of the problem.