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03-09-2016, 00:49
Not sure if anyone is getting this issue, but sometimes my PS4 is completely switching off or I am getting kicked out of rooms. Nothing to do with my driving. I pride myself on clean driving.

Any thoughts on this ?

Thank you

03-09-2016, 11:05
I know sometimes connection issues can occur when you have your ps4 connected through WI-FI instead of a cable...but that doesn't explain the system shutting off...do you have your PS4 in a freestanding well ventilated spot?

03-09-2016, 23:35
Thanks for your reply. It's well ventilated free standing I can play for hours when not online, I started getting a message return to Race Central a couple of times so I when back and drove for a few minutes after qualifying for my position the race was about to start the PS4 turned off completely. As I said when online I get some weirdness happening

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04-09-2016, 03:50
Did some research...here's something i found on the issue...

Hi, I had the exact same issue but where my PS4 would intermittently shut off. In particular, it would shut off 90% of the time when trying to load Resogun, but it would also shut off occasionally when loading Shadow Fall, and it would even sometimes shut off when rebooting after the last shut-down. Annoying. The console would shut down completely, immediately and without warning. No power light and the console wouldn't restart without hitting the power button on the front of the console twice. I tried everything including rebuilding the database, reformatting and reinitializing the drive, swapping out the drive entirely for an SSD, swapping the HDMI cable, swapping the TV and removing my AV receiver from the equation. None of that worked. I waited on hold for over an hour for tech support and spent another hour on the phone with a Sony tech trying to troubleshoot it. Finally, the tech said it must be a hardware issue and said the PS4 would have to be shipped backed to Sony and replaced with a total turn around time of 3 weeks or so. Not what you want to hear when you preorder back in June and take vacation from work so that you can be one of the first to play with one. ;-) That said, Sony's support experience was actually pretty good despite the long wait on hold (which I expected the day after the console release). The first support agent was quick to escalate me to the higher level tech and the higher level tech was knowledgeable and patient trying to solve the problem (but couldn't). Both sounded like native American English speakers with reasonable command of the language and I had no trouble understanding either. Nice. Hopefully the experience is just as nice for customers in other countries / regions.

Like some of you here I eventually narrowed it down to a network issue by realizing that it would only shut off when a game or the system was trying to log in or check the servers. It wouldn't shut off every time it tried to log in, though, just sometimes. At first I thought it was a hardware issue with the network adapter but decided that that was unlikely because the same thing happened regardless of whether I used a wired or wireless connection. But I noticed that the system never locked up if I turned networking off in the system settings.

Finally, what seems to have solved the issue for me while still allowing me to connect online was to change my network settings from using DHCP to using a statically assigned IP address. At the same time I also switched from my firewall's DNS server to using another DNS server on the internet (I used Since making this change over a day ago I have not had the issue again and I've been trying to trigger it by going in and out of games and downloading a bunch of stuff from the store. For me, this seems to have fixed it. I hope it works for everyone else with the same issue.[end quote]

Hope this helps...

04-09-2016, 08:04
Much appreciated! I know is late or early. I had another episode where I was detailing a car in another racing game , the unit was on for about one hour or so and then "poof" all power off! Tried to power on with my controller but nothing. I unplug the unit power and HDMI cable. The unit felt a bit warm but not excessively. I waited for 10 minutes then connected and booted the power came on but no signal to the tv, I made sure the hdmi was connected properly but no signal.
I swapped hdmi and it came on. Next step was to try online again in PCars, did a 4 lap warm up then a 6 lap race at Monza with six other players and it was fine. What is worry some and I question can a faulty cable can cause this kind of results "why shut down the unit" . BTW I am on WiFi the test results of signal strength is 100% but my next step us to hard wire. Thanks for your input and I will monitor for a longer period.

04-09-2016, 08:08
No problem...we're here to help...
Maybe you should "google" the issue? I got that result from typing in "ps4 shuts down when online"....
There are several people who had this too (with other games) and it seems to be network related...

P.S. It's 10 am here so no problem at all...;)