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03-09-2016, 23:33
I must be doing something wrong. I am using steam and rift cv1 with a 1070.

I finally got it running with oculus and it looks little better then my iphone google cardboard.
Grainy and pixels. I put car/track on ultra 16x textures, AA from 2x-9x, grass med particles high/ultra

and there is barely and improvement in image. I did notice that from 2x to 6x I can finally see the brake lights come on the cars otherwise I am running into them before I see the taillights.

lots of flickering in the stands.

I have seen many people post graphic looks great but they get slows downs etc.. I am seeing no drop in performance, great but I think I am missing something? DX9 and ultra in the rain 25 cars I did see some ghosting but it was playable.

How do I get a decent picture? I am thinking of returning because my 1440p DSR 2x all ultra monitor and simevibe is way more enjoyable to watch for a long period.

Now the immersion is cool, my braking points changed as I can look side to side and feel like I am in the car/race.

The inside of the cockpit flicker alot though. Which was distracting.

I tried the debug tool think but I do not think my settings are sticking? In project cars my video settings do show up when I set save and restart...?

04-09-2016, 02:11
Someone more familiar with the rift will give you better advise, but for sure your settings are too high. Until someone can give you good numbers, you may want to lower everything to medium and 2X on the AA. It took me a long time to get my Vive lined out. Also, there are separate setup files for VR and Normal visual setting.

04-09-2016, 03:37
I understand but nothing I do seems to improve the quality or impact the FPS much. feels like a 640x480 world not worth $600. The gear VR looks the same when streamed wifi just with some lag

04-09-2016, 13:35
Running ss x9 with no performance issues seems weird. Are you restarting the game when you change the aa mode? Are you sure it's using the setting you think it's using?

Have you tried using no aa in game and using the oculus debug tool to set super sampling there?

Pcars aa is never great and on my 1080/ vive it's always a bit of a pixellated mess but it can be made to look OK

04-09-2016, 18:13
I have been playing with DS2x-4x and I have noticed now as I crank up to max ultra over 4x and with SS over 1.8 it will lag. Up close at the start and driving close to cars they look fine. I have cranked up environment and texture filtering to 16x and high but seems to not help the draw distance of the tracks. I have reflections and shadow low too. I did leave particles to high/ultra. You do see a lot more particles with VR so it helps to not look cheesy.

After an hour or so I think I can see the SS 1.5+ making a difference for distant pixels but doesn't seem glaring. I wonder since i have AA on will SS not enable? I also think smaller tracks with less draw distance feel more real. Like Mazda felt great SPA looks cheesy. I over shoot most turns since I can see the brake points I have gotten used too.

What about resolution. At first I could not go beyond 1280x960 in pcars. Then I used Geforce Exp. and it enabled 2160x1080. Looked a little better.

I didnt try any FPS but like I said it all seems playable except for some lag at DX6-DX9 with little IQ improvement.

I have played GUNJACK and ED. Gunjack looks great, simple game IQ is what I expect for 1280. ED looks great too but in the distance the stations look pixels but too be expected for this game so I guess not as jarring.

04-09-2016, 20:04
The real issue is that current gen VR at 1080 horizontal per eye is just not enough detail for racing sims when you consider that's stretched across a 90 degree field of view. That's the equivalent of looking at a 1/2 of a 1920 monitor blown up to the size of a 60" TV viewed from about 2 foot away. If you look at your [standard 24" HD] monitor from a normal viewing position you've probably got 1920 pixels across a 25 degree field of view. Not 1080 across 90. The screen door effect kills it even more as the gaps between pixels . That said once you get a stable frame rate set up I think the immersion far outweighs the lack of resolution. No going back to flat screen racing for me... I tried PCars back on my 2550x1440 and for the first 5 laps just kept crashing as I couldn't feel the braking points.

With typical VR titles the action is up close in a constrained environment so although PCars is Ace its going to be next gen VK (or even 8k) where the resolution is acceptable to see stuff 100 - 200 m down the track. Something like the StarVR unit - which probably is going to be beyond consumer pricing might do it - assuming you can run quad 1080s to serve up the relevant graphics res!

04-09-2016, 22:20
The Oculus SDK app allows you to alter a resolution multiplier which may help.


05-09-2016, 01:00
Thanks! I found the Debug app. I think I have noticed an improvement but I sill run 2-4x at 1.5-1.7. Maybe I am running into the VR reprojection limit. IE 45FPS limit and all my changes are moot? Could it be I have better graphic options if I can keep it closer to 90?

06-09-2016, 01:53
I started playing and i have, after a few hours of play time, have adjusted to the graphics and love the immersion after playing the monitor back and fourth ;0 I also am enjoying the tweak factor so here is what I have found out to rebutt my first statement of no impact....

I ran debug tool and it seems at 1.5 I can notice a difference. 0-1.3 not so much almost nothing and 1.8-2.0 I do notice stutter with no IQ improvement.
I also ran the performance HUD to monitor my tweaks.

I ultimately found out AA and draw distance is what I am missing to get the IQ.
Draw distance and the debug tool seem to help that far distance so hence the 1.5 with what I can tell little FPS impact.
Then the AA makes a huge IQ differance. And the details settings( car track refl environ) seem to impact the FPS much less then AA and I didnt see a huge if any quality difference between med-high-ultra in the headset.

Test: I started with 25 cars on mazda clear skis.
I set textures to high and 8x filter, all rest to low, resol 2560x1080. particles both low, grass off
NO AA looks crappy but 75-90 at grid then 90 maxed
DX2 45-50 then around 60-75some 90 looks good
DXM dipped below 45 flatline most of run with peaks into 60 looks noticeable better then Dx2 worth the jaggies
DX4 sat at 38 at grid then around 40-45 little better then DXM
DX6 30 starting to stand out
DX9 22 looks solid at grid and playing but I could play in game it was around 30-35 but strained my eyes

So that was all at 25 cars so then I played with the adders. I added high to cars and track and particles to both high (which look great IMHO)
all results seemed same DX4 and above were below the 45 min
DXM dipped a little more at grid but playable.

So I wanted to play DXM it was better then DX2. Then I tried backing off grid size for fun. from 1-5 were the same and up to 10 was a slight hit.
So at 10 cars my DXM was a solid 45 or more and DX2 was at 55-60 at grid and hit 90.
I tried with 10 cars in the rain and DX2 was solid 45 with blips above and DXM dipped between 40-45. But quality wise playing the rain wasn't as fun as on monitor, too much particles maybe. If I turn those down I bet DXM would be fun and more fun.

So synopis. with my 1070 AA is needed and mostly DXM would will be playable with grids under 18 ideally but is ok if you can handle some sub 45 dips.
But DX2 high on car/track rest can be turned off for smooth experience with no hit to image quality.

NOW after all that I realized my resolution within the game allowed for DSR resolution? So I turned on 2, 2.25, 3,4.
Now I play on monitor at 2x maxed all ultra DX2-DX4 and its incredible.

I reran test at my Dx2 settings (60-90 solid) and bumped from 2560 to the 3630, 3840, 4400, 5160 (sorry for wrong # but you get it)
as I cranked it up at DX2 the AA and IQ definitely improved and my FPS dropped. at 5160 it sat at 45FPS solid and looked good (better then DXM)
I went up to DX9 at 4x DSR and it was MUCH better then the 2560 version!

So for clear skys and to stay at 45 or more I ran at DSR 3, DSM for best playable IQ
for big grids/maps I can do 2.25 at DXM
rain DSR 2 DXM and particles low.

06-09-2016, 01:56
Also turning shadows off didn't effect image quality much but definitely eliminated the flickering.

19-09-2016, 13:45
Played some more today and confirmed the best sequence for me to get the debug tool working.

Start steam and click VR in steam, that will load oculus.
Open debug tool and select settings
Open Simvibe and run pcars then select cancel for the VR warning.
It will then say waiting to load
Go back to steam and run pcars in VR button and should be good to go.

19-09-2016, 14:12
Also turning shadows off didn't effect image quality much but definitely eliminated the flickering.

Hmmm, gonna try this tonight as I've been having a helluva time getting rid of some flickering / strobe effect in things mainly alongside the track.

19-09-2016, 18:07
See my other post, I added my tips. Maybe becomes a sticky :)