View Full Version : [RESOLVED] car wont start

04-09-2016, 11:51
Hi there. I'm having a right nightmare with the game on Xbox one. Every time I go to start the race after the lights and green flag to go the car just won't move. I can press the accelerator whilst lights are on red but when I put the car into first to start the race with the clutch down after the green flag the accelerator stops working all together. I can change gears but no power. I'm using the Logitech g920. hope this problem can be solved it's very annoying. On the rare occasion I can pull away but not very often at all :(

Siberian Tiger
04-09-2016, 17:19
You Need to have the Engine Start Button Mapped if i'm correct... Or was it Ignition? It's one of them...
Or you Need to have to Option Auto Start Engine on On...

04-09-2016, 18:36
Thanks for info mate I'll check this out. I think what I've been doing is releasing the clutch too quick and probably stalling the car. I've since been careful pulling away and the issue seems OK for now.
Thanks again :)

06-09-2016, 11:56
You should still be able to start the car after a stall. Like the post above mentioned, enable "auto start"