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06-09-2016, 18:44
Help needed please.

Feel I've tried everything to try and get the LogitechG29 FFB working correctly with PS4, but whatever settings I change I get weak/non existent FFB. Seems to me like a config issue - Does anyone know if changing the project cars wheel calibration/settings would cause the G29 persistent internal config settings to be changed?

When I first purchased the G29 wheel it worked great with both projectCars and Driveclub - I even had to reduce the master force feedback level. However after 2 weeks the FFB became very weak while playing project cars (after fiddling with FFB settings I think), I tried the wheel with Driveclub and FFB was also poor on this game. After searching the internet I found no similar issues so I got the wheel replaced with a new one assuming the FFB had broken.

However my second replacement wheel behaved in the exact same way. I have tried lots of different combinations to try and get the wheel to work correctly but nothing seems to work.

On project cars the wheel vibration works well and is strong but there is no or little resistance to actually turning the wheel. If I adjust the master scale in project cars from 10 up to 200 I can't notice dramatic change to to the FFB only the wheel vibrations. With default FFB setttings and master scale set to 100, I can steer with just my little fingers - I'm sure this isn't right and I haven't all of a sudden forgotten how weak the FFB is!

What can I try to fix the FFB?

-------- MORE detail------------

Some of the attempts to resolve issue;
1. Used LGS to set default wheel profile to projectCars
2. reset wheel in project cars->recalibrated
3. restart game/ps4
4. Tried recommended project cars force feedback settings from this forum
5. Tried varying the rotation angle to improve FFB - no difference noticed
etc etc

Project cars = version 10.
G29 firmware = 89.0.25

06-09-2016, 22:13
Thanks for the response Jay.

I tried your settings but FFB still feels very weak. On wheel calibration step 2 I rotated the wheel to 450deg (half of full 900 range) instead of 90 but this just meant I had to go turn wheel more than usual (almost full 450deg lock) on tight corners, which didn't feel right.

I repeated the wheel reset and wheel calibration - step 1 of wheel calibration turned wheel to full 450deg anti clockwise rotation, step 2 turned wheel 90deg anticlockwise (as requested on screen - 870deg steering lock shown on screen).
I used your wheel and FFB settings above, but increased tire force to 200.
In the car tuning setup menu I increased force feedback->Master scale to 190.
On track the wheel vibrations were crazy strong (unplayable really) but still almost no resistance to turning the wheel?!! Sometimes I get quick jolts of FFB, but I'm sure when I first used the G29 wheel the FFB offered resistance to turning in too quickly etc - plus I can power slide and put opposite lock on with no resistance at all!!

I'm sure the wheel should be better than this. I have read about FFB cutting out when it overheats - but my FFB never seems to get going. Looking through forum it also seems that some people had intermittent FFB loss on an earlier build of project cars (version 6 I think), but lately the only time I've experienced reasonable FFB is for 2 corners after wheel reset&calibration then wheel returns to weak FFB.

Maybe I'm missing something obvious? Didn't think it would be this hard to set up. If I can't improve the FFB might try to get a refund and buy the thrustmaster 300RS instead.

07-09-2016, 09:02
I just got the G29 last week.
On wheel calibration I rotated the wheel fully, press x, return to center, then to 90, press x.
The global ffb settings I use are from the first ppost of the g29 sticky thread in the ps4 section of the forum. Default car ffb settings (not Jack's). Ffb feels great, is plenty strong for my liking, no firmware updates just plug in PS4 and play.
Initially I found I'd have to rotate the wheel too much so in car tuning page I reduce steering ratio down to 12:1.

If the steps recommended in this thread or the G29 sticky thread don't work, I'd try a profile reset.

07-09-2016, 23:21
Thanks guys, FFB is working much better now.

Think it was a combination of having the wrong settings and me expecting to have to wrestle the car round every corner!

Thanks for introducing me to the Jack Spades settings for each car - I hadn't come across these before.

18-09-2016, 10:15
Thrustmaster T300RS seems to offer far superior FFB than the G29.

I'm still not entirely happy with the FFB of my G29, so I compared it side by side to my mates thrustmaster 300.
I used the G29 settings in first post on G29 Settings sticky thread;

I found the thrustmaster offers real noticeable resistance when cornering - on the Nurburgring you can feel the steering get heavier on compression into the dips and lighten on the top of the rise.
Whereas the G29 seems to offer very weak resistance to corning and only adds noticeable FFB when you get out of shape/spin, and just adds vibrations when you go over rumble strips.

To take a very specific example - Tried both wheels with Formula A car (Jack spades classic settings) on Spa. Focusing on Pouhon corner (fast 5/6th gear left, lots of downforce adding to expected tire force effect?);
Thrustmaster offers lots of resistance to turning into this corner (much increased compared to other corners) and you have to almost fight the wheel to hit the apex, which feels real good. (Also FFB decreased to 75 on thrustmaster wheel setup)
G29 offers very weak resistance to this same corner don't really notice any difference to all other corners. I can understeer off the track and at no point does the G29 feel like the steering gets noticeably heavier as I would expected. If I progressively increase tire force or master scale, the resistance to turning into this fast corner does not change!

Although the G29 offers feedback to track vibrations and FFB to tank slappers etc, the basic effect on tire force seems too weak to me.

Assuming I have the correct setup, and my wheel isn't faulty I can't understand why anyone would be happy with the G29 over the 300RS.
I'm thinking of trying to get my G29 refunded and buy a new 300RS. Which is a shame because I much prefer everything else about the G29, but now I've noticed the difference in FFB its hard to be satisfied using the G29. But Thrustmaster seems to work perfectly after taking a short time to configure the recommended settings, whereas I feel I spent ages playing around with G29 settings and never got the Steering resistance I was expecting.

18-09-2016, 10:20
I'd be interested to hear what other G29 users feel about the steering feedback on Spa Pouhon corner with formula A car

I really hope to have a eureka moment and find out I have some setting wrong with my wheel so I can enjoy using it again, but I've spent ages trying different settings and just want to get on and enjoy playing the game now.

04-03-2017, 13:41
First of all the firmware is not recognized by the PS4 or any other console. When I got my G29 over a year ago I plugged it right into the PS4 without any firmware update or check and it works great. Now, please reset your wheel to default settings in the Pcars game configuration. Next recalibrate the wheel and pedals. Please note in the second step of the wheel settings to rotate the wheel to 900 (nine hundred) degrees not 90 (ninety), very important. Now imput these settings please:

Controls - Configuration
Steering Deadzone = 0
Steering Sensitivity = 50
Throttle Deadzone = 0
Throttle Sensitivity = 50
Brake Deadzone = 0
Brake Sensitivity = 35
Clutch Deadzone = 0
Clutch Sensitivity = 35
Speed Sensitivity = 0
Controller Filter Sensitivity = 0
Damper Saturation = 0
Force Feedback = 100
RPM/ Gear Display = Yes
Controller Input Mode = 3
Advanced = Off

FFB Calibration
Tire Force = 100
Per Wheel Movement = 0.00
Per Wheel Movement = 0.00
Wheel Position Smoothing = 0.03
Deadzone Removal Range = 0.18
Deadzone Removal Falloff = 0.01
Linkage Scale = 0.00
Linkage Stiffness = 1.00
Linkage Damping = 1.00
Relative Adjust Gain = 0.88
Relative Adjust Bleed = 0.30
Relative Adjust Clamp = 0.86
Scoop Knee = 0.49
Scoop Reduction = 0.21
Soft Clipping (Half Input) = 0.00
Soft Clipping (Full Input) = 0.00
Menu Spring Strength = 0.25
Low Speed Spring Coefficient = 1.00
Low Speed Spring Saturation = 0.75
Steering Gain = 1.00

Full disclosure: I also use Jack Spades FY+SopLateral Mix car settings to help with FFB. If you don't like the results you could always reset everything to default and try something new. I really hope this works for you because Pcars is a whole lot of fun when the wheel is setup well for you. Please give your feedback and good luck.

Hi Jab B, Just wanted to let you know while I was searching for proper Controls and FFB settings a couple months ago (I had searched quite a few) I came across your recommendations, applied and they made a huge difference to handling etc. The steps for both sections were very clear and easy to follow and the result worked perfectly. Just wanted to say thanks a lot.