View Full Version : Using VR: find that FFB was weaker then monitor?

07-09-2016, 01:58
Finally after dialing in my system I started to race again with VR

I am using the jack tweaker files, classic then I made other tweak per this forum, i forget user, where I he recommend dialing master scale and fy down to 14 from 26 and 70 from 100

I ran that way for weeks no problem felt perfect. Now in VR it feels so light. Like non existent. I didnt change anything.

I have FFB dialed back to 26 and feels better but I do feel more like it is missing that on center FFB feel like big FFB deadzone then heavy weight.

Not sure if in my mind now with VR? I do think now with VR I am driving more at limits and really throwing the wheel around and without the FFB I am missing turn and brake points waiting for the wheel weight to control my tire grip.

Anyone experience changes? I am thinking go back to stock alla round then work back in.

Is there an easy way to go back to FFB stock?

I also have a TX 458. Do the side buttons control the FFB weight at all? like levels of pressure/strength?

in my TX setup I have all set to zero and FFB strength at 80%

07-09-2016, 04:40
I found myself wanting to adjust FFB strength in VR but I'm pretty sure this more just a perception/immersion thing. Nothing had changed, I just wanted something different because I truly felt inside the car.

Since the car (and everything else) feels bigger and heavier in VR then it's not surprising to also want strong FFB.

08-09-2016, 01:47
I reset my wheel and played some more. I was at master scale of 14 which was too weak. Now at 18 and my Fy was at 72 went to 88 and feels good.
Also Fx,Fz were at 100 now at 110 gave my wheel and sim vibe better bumps

16-09-2016, 14:06
I'll be staring my journey into VR this evening, interesting to note about the FFB.

16-09-2016, 19:10
Curious to hear what you think. I also found, even without VR but on monitor too, the Master Brake sensitivity is critical for getting right brake feel. Controller wise before my FFB wheel and no VR I was at 45-50. This gives me a full braking into a turn with coming to a fulls top before the turn, if I overshoot, it is because I broke late and went wide.

With FFB wheel and VR I reset my wheel but forgot to reset this value. For a while I was overshooting turns, standing on the brake and no matter what I did had full wheel lock 100% oversteer into the dirt. WTF I tuned the FFB since I felt the understeer let go = no FFB until I remembered the Master Brake setting. It was at 5!!!! LOL So I went back to 35-40 and it really feels great with my above FFB settings. Maybe a little too much but I will keep tweaking.

16-09-2016, 21:11
Good to know, thanks!

21-09-2016, 20:06
It's certainly possible for VR use to reduce your FFB strength and it happens with wheels that don't even have to use the game FFB (AccuForce). I'm not sure about the cause, may be USB related but, I now keep my controllers connected to a different hub (USB2.0) than the one the Rift is connected to (USB3.0) and haven't noticed any reduced FFB-strength recently. This also happened with Assetto Corsa so it's not unique to Pcars.

21-09-2016, 20:35
Very Good point. My Simvibe sound output dropped by half too. Which uses a USB 3.0 card.