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09-09-2016, 18:38
Hi Guys,

I have created a Project CARS British GT3 Championship that will follow the real life calendar but with Caldwell Park GP instead of Rockingham.If you don't know, the calendar will be as follows

Brands Hatch GP-Friday 9th September 2016@16:30 UK time
Caldwell Park GP- 12th September 2016@18:00 UK time.
Oulton Park International- 17th September 2016@16:30 UK time
Silverstone GP-19th September 2016@16:30 UK time.
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps- 23rd September 2016@18:00 UK time
Snetterton 300 - 26th September 2016@16:30 UK time
Donington Park GP- 30th September 2016@18:40 UK time

Regulations & Points

Points to be awarded as following:25,18,15,12,10,8,6,4,2,1 to the top 10 finishers with 1 for pole and race fastest lap.
3 championships : Drivers- for individual players . Manafactaurs- For the makes of car driven.Teams-For teams of drivers.Teams can be of up to 3 points scorers (no maximum of players) and if you do not tell me your team in the forum you will be referred to as a 1 driver team of your gamer tag.Temmates can be in different cars and you can change yours every race. If you compete in 3 or more races you will be given points for the others that you miss.
Their will be 4 AI unless their is a race of 8 real players to keep it competitive and fun with small numbers.
Penalty points will be earned for collisions and bad driving.If you receive 12 penalty points in a season or 6 in a race you will get a 1 race ban.Each penalty point will give you a 5 second post race penalty.
Full damage and no Ghosting but all other assists are allowed.
It will be an open lobby with interested players invited after it's creation.


10minute qualifying.
8 lap race

Full Season Entries
SmokingPuppy841 -Corvette C7.R-Stewy Snowman Racing-#4 Corvette Racing
Yann42- RUF RGT-8 GT3
M2Da Streetz- Aston Martin Vantage GTE
spooner1971 - BMW Z4 GT3-#34 Panasonic

1 SmokingPuppy841 96
2Olivier Sabre(AI) 96
3Joe Hart ( AI ) 89
4 Carlos Santos ( AI ) 74
5JJ Haas ( AI ) 62
6M2Da Streetz 50
7Yann42 33
8Paulozeze 27
9spooner1971 27
10MenaceRN 26
11 Hunt Lauda 26
12 jannik6397 19
13AZZA KILL62540 18
14F4F Slatro 18
15 ICEMAN19752611 7
16Jordan Hicks ( AI ) 6
17 DoubtedCashew10 6
18vallapuntodevd 6
19 Papeykevwan 6
20 NWR I Storm I 6
21 Racerlax 6
22 lupeandrea 6
23vtandrew 6
24 ToasterBlock654 6
25ZehComic590509 6
26tanner20sport 4
27 kill Till DE3TH 4
28MrNeedler96 3
29 armyOVreefaday 3
30AkaLeDeHu 3
31 ruhrkrake 3
32SeaCrib7690430 3
33M07 Chris 2
34SX ApeX 2
35dragon7011 1
36TX3 Toons 1
37 bady39 0

1 Corvette 169
2 BMW 152
3Aston Martin 119
4 Mercedes 113
5 RUF 58
6Audi 49
7 Mclaren 34
8 Bentley 19
9 Cadillac 7

1 AI Racing 172
2 AI Motorsport 143
3 Stewy Snowman Racing 96
4 AI Sport 6

Thanks and hope you enjoy!

My gamer tag is SmokingPuppy841

09-09-2016, 19:00
Round 1:Brands Hatch GP

1 MenaceRN Corvette C7.R 12m07.755s
2 AZZA KILL62540 Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 +27s
3 spooner1971 BMW Z4 GT3 +42s
4 Carlos Santos(AI) Audi R8 LMS +48s
5 Joe Hart (AI) Aston Martin Vantage GTE +1min08s
6 SmokingPuppy841 Corvette C7.R +1min13s
7 Olivier Sabre(AI) Mercedes- AMG GT3 +1min14s*
8. J.J. Haas (AI) Aston Martin Vantage GTE + 1 min 17s**
9 dragon 7011 Mclaren 12C GT3 0 LAPS - DNF

Fastest Lap:MenaceRN 1min23s

Qualifying:1 spooner1971 1min24.850s; 2dragon7011 1min26s.513s; 3 MenaceRN 1min27s.582s

10-09-2016, 10:10
6 points will be awarded to:
DoubtedCashew10 BMW Z4 GT3
vallapuntodevd RUF RGT-8
Papeykevwan Audi R8 LMS

After I disconnected during Round 2 Qualifying

12-09-2016, 17:58
Round 2:Cadwell Park GP
1 Olivier Sabre( AI ) Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 6 laps in 9min45s
2Joe Hart (AI) BMW Z4 GT3 + 0.4s
3 J.J. Haas ( AI ) Mercedes AMG GT3 + 4.8s
4 Carlos Santos (AI) BMW M3 GT +8.8s
5 Yann42 RUF RGT-8 GT3 + 44.7s
6 SmokingPuppy841 Corvette C7.R 3 laps - throttle failure
7 NWR I Storm I Corvette C7.R 0 laps - disconnected
8 Racerlax Corvette C7.R 0 laps - disconnected
Fastest Lap:Joe Hart (AI) 1min13s. 850s

Qualifying:1 Hart 1min31.548s; 2 Haas 1min32. 633s; 3 Sabre 1min32.756s

12-09-2016, 18:03
Round 3: Oulton Park International
1M2Da Streetz Aston Martin Vantage GTE 14min08. 704s.
2Carlos Santos (AI) BMW M3 GT +4.5s
3 Olivier Sabre (AI) Corvette C7.R +5.1s
4 JJ Haas (AI) Mercedes- AMG GT3 + 9.5s**
5 Joe Hart ( AI ) Aston Martin Vantage GTE +13.1s
6 SmokingPuppy841 Corvette C7.R + 29.2s
Pole:Haas 1m40.986s
Fastest Lap:SmokingPuppy841 1min41. 3s

MrNeedler96 (3pts) Corvette C7.R
armyOVreefaday (3pts)
Yann42 (6pts) RUF RGT -8 GT3
lupeandrea (6pts) Mclaren 12C GT3
ICEMAN19752611 (7pts) BMW M3 GT
vtandrew (6pts) Mercedes-AMG GT3

19-09-2016, 17:47
Round 4 Silverstone GP
1M2Da Streetz Aston Martin Vantage GTE 1min23s. 662s
2jannik6397 Bentley Continental GT3 +24s
3 SmokingPuppy841 Corvette C7.R + 33s
4 Olivier Sabre ( AI ) Audi R8 LMS + 33s
5 Joe Hart ( AI ) Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 + 41s
6 Carlos Santos ( AI ) Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 + 45s
7 Jordan Hicks( AI ) RUF RGT-8 GT3 + 51s
Pole:jannik6397 2min 09. 650s
Fastest Lap:SmokingPuppy841
DNS:M07 Chris Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3

23-09-2016, 18:14
Round 5 Spa-Francorchamps
1 Paolozeze Mclaren 12C GT3 1min32. 713s
2 Yann42 RUF RGT -8 GT3 + 45s
3 Olivier Sabre Mercedes-AMG GT3 + 60s
4 Joe Hart BMW M3 GT + 60s
5 SmokingPuppy841 Corvette C7.R + 82
6JJ Haas Cadillac +84s
7 Carlos Santos Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 0 laps - retired
Pole: Paolozeze 2m26. 039s Fastest Lap:Pauloeze 2m24s

26-09-2016, 18:06
Round 6:Snetterton 300
1 Hunt Lauda BMW Z4 GT3
2 SmokingPuppy841 Corvette C7.R + 60s
3 Olivier Sabre Audi R8 LMS + 64s
4 Joe Hart BMW M3 GT + 66s
5 Carlos Santos Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 +66s
6JJ Haas BMW Z4 GT3 + 67s
DSQ bady39 Mercedes-AMG GT3
Fastest Lap : Hunt Lauda
DNS/competitors in the qualifying I disconnected
spooner1971 BMW Z4 GT3
ZehComic590509 BMW M3 GT
AkaLeDeHu RUF RGT -8 GT3
ToasterBlock654 RUF RGT -8 GT3

26-09-2016, 19:19
With just 1 round to go it is looking every likely that Olivier Sabre will be champion but Joe Hart, SmokingPuppy841 and Carlos Santos all head to Donington Park with a mathematical chance.BMW hold a 17 point Manafactaurs lead from Corvette and only a miracle will deny AI Racing the teams title.

26-09-2016, 23:44
This league could make the News, The 1st league ever, to be won by an A.I. That is some seriously impressive stuff.

27-09-2016, 06:19
I know but if know one joins the lobby I don't want a 1 car race.If you want, I am beating M2Da Streetz by 19 points for the player championship

27-09-2016, 08:42
I know but if know one joins the lobby I don't want a 1 car race.If you want, I am beating M2Da Streetz by 19 points for the player championship

I quite like your concept of an open lobby league. It could be good for those people who can't commit to a full season.

I may well have popped in myself but the times don't suit. 4.30pm on a weekday isn't a good time for me.

27-09-2016, 18:20
Shame about that.Partly why I have the AI, to keep me busy when no one joins.But as the Motorsport season comes to the end I am going to have a few more weekend lobbies if anyone is interested in a second season maybe with 1 off events such as a Le Mans LMP1 and a non - Championship Nordshleife GT3 of 7 and 3 laps respectively.

29-09-2016, 15:48
I might have to reschedule tomorrow's round as we are having wi-fi problems

30-09-2016, 18:22
Round 7 Donington Park GP
1 SmokingPuppy841 Corvette C7.R 8 laps in13min09. 124s
2F4F Slatro Corvette C7.R + 16
3Joe Hart Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 +29
4 JJ Haas Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 + 30
5 Carlos Santos BMW Z4 GT3 +38
6 Olivier Sabre Mercedes AMG GT3 + 38
7SeaCrib7690430 RUF RGT -8 GT3 2 laps - left
8 kill Till DE3TH Audi R8 LMS 0 laps
9tanner20sport disconnected
10TX3 Toons BMW M3 GT left
Pole:SmokingPuppy841 1m35s Fastest Lap : SmokingPuppy841 1m33s

30-09-2016, 18:23
CHAMPION!!! WooHoo!!! Thanks for all the people who have supported this series guys.