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12-09-2016, 15:57
Hi all , firstly my knowledge of PC's is little but I certainly would like to get myself a gaming PC .
I have been offered the PC in the link for almost half price , my questions are will this be a decent PC for PCars and possibly PCars 2 ?
Many thanks


12-09-2016, 16:16
pre build HP pc? no thanks , if you want all HP junk in your pc then buy it.
also are you planning on overclocking? because if not you can save money and put a non K series cpu.
i would also change to a 1TB and 256gb ssd
and change gpu to 1070
you also need to ask your self if you need stuff like dvd cd drive.
also it dosent say what PSU it has , so you could get stuck with a generic junk psu that can cause issues with time.

case looks nice , dont know much about it but also think about cooling.

12-09-2016, 17:53
Well, at half that price, you're going to have a very, very difficult time beating that PC on value. The primary driver of performance in a gaming environment is the GPU. CPU matters, and you can't go throwing a monster GPU in a PC with a budget processor and expect good results, but the i5-6600K processor will certainly get the job done.

With that out of the way, let's talk GPU. AMD is currently lagging behind a bit on the GPU side of things. The Radeon R9 370 is roughly equivalent to an nVidia GTX 960. It's a GPU targeted at the $200 price point, which is the very entry point of the serious gaming GPU market. Everything below that is something you buy your middle-school kid so they can play Minecraft. A good site for comparing GPU performance is http://gpuboss.com. If you compare the R9 370 to the GTX 960 and GTX 970, you can get an idea of what the difference is.

So the question is, will it play pCARS? Absolutely. You're not coming anywhere near max settings though. IMO, the R9 390 is a much better starting point, and if at all possible, I'd go nVidia. They're kicking AMD's ass right now.

Circling back to the price thing. For 450, I'd buy this PC and upgrade the GPU later when you save up enough for something like a GTX 1060. You can find them on sale for $200 right now, so in a few months time, you shouldn't have any problem upgrading for around $200 (sorry, I don't know prices).

12-09-2016, 18:58
Thank you for the responses , yeah I thought for the money I can get it for it was worth it . If it looks and plays better than in ps4 I'd be happy .

14-09-2016, 21:55
Make sure you check out the Mobo, and the interior of the case. If it doesn't have enough slots/room, your upgrade plans might be limited.

15-09-2016, 15:28
Make sure you check out the Mobo, and the interior of the case. If it doesn't have enough slots/room, your upgrade plans might be limited.

The Envy Phoenix is pretty upgradable. Because this is HP's "gaming" line, the case interiors tend to be less proprietary than something like a Pavilion. For example, you can see interior photos in this review:


A graphics card upgrade would simply mean swapping out the existing one, which uses a standard slot.

The PSU would normally be the other bottleneck. The included PSU is 500W though. nVidia recommends 500W system power for the GTX970, so technically the system would handle an upgrade to that card, which would be a good target at around $200. The problem is that OEM power supplies vary greatly in quality. PSU is an easy replacement though, and it looks like the Envy uses standard connectors internally.

So, OP, can you get me one at half price too? :)