View Full Version : After a week, finally has some wow moments. Open wheel VS GT3

12-09-2016, 16:30
I have been playing techie and got lost in that then actually playing with the VR.

Funny after all my tweaks other then a few obvious changes to improve graphics most don't make a difference when actually playing the game.
Cars-Track-Particles on High. Rest are all LOD draw distance can safely be set to low with little IQ impact and have fun. Med on environment for bigger tracks.

Played with Debug tool at 1.35. It seems to make a bigger impact on smaller tracks or maybe not always enabled in game since it seems to make little difference at times. When it does work things are sharper. I can play up to 1.55 with no impacts.

So Yesterday I just fired up and played with VR and left settings alone. I played Gunjack, Detached, Combat Air Patrol 2. Last 2 definitely are awesome immersion then I played with PCars on spa.

I never play Open Wheel much. Always GT3 time trials and tuning. I have found that I am on average 5% off the pace of the worlds best. Then I know I am dialed in. That was with monitor. Now with VR I do feel I am leaning and really enjoying driving and driving faster holding the line pushing the tires until the FFB slips. Barcelona it is 1.42 for Gt3 and my best is 1.46 so I am happy but now I am consistently getting 1.47-1.48 with all the GT3 cars and tunes. Some are better then others but man it is fun. I then switched to Mazda which looks awesome in VR, especially the drop.

So I finally tried open wheel. I did multiclass and ran formula C and indy and man the experience was awesome. The GT3 takes some cockpit adjustments for each car to see thru the glass and feel right. the Open wheel are more natural and the light effects are cooler. It was great to battle open wheel on Spa. My best time in Formula C was 2.05 right behind Formula A at 2.00 I have been cranking the driver level to 80 for my 15 car races, all clear skis.

Indy was a blast and lot more to battle but I am not used to spa and open wheel and I could not get a clean lap, which was still a blast. Looking down the side of the car to see sparks fly or lose a tire man o man..

That said I jumped into Gt3 again at Spa and man my brakes points were whacked LOL. I definitely felt slower and less grip available but I could Feel it so much more in VR and being in the cockpit of different GT3 cars is awesome.
I haven't dialed in my times on spa much but I was around 2.16

I still love GT3 but open wheel and VR is a like a different game

Just wanted to share my fun with VR on Pcars.

14-09-2016, 12:43
I jumped in and played again last night. I did realize that my FFB settings are very different with VR vs Monitor. I am throwing the wheel around so much more, even grabbing for the VR wheel in VR space at times. LOL.
More like using a controller. I find with a controller I can easily force oversteer and push to edges of the a turn more because you can easily slam left or right, full lock, and well you lock up. After some time with a wheel I got this back but with a wheel of of course I can hold a real line a lot easier and therefore much faster.

I am finding I am braking later, shifting better and pushing the limits of grip. I am seeing/feeling the track like in a real car. Because of this the weight of the wheel was too light from my monitor settings. I am turning it more, expecting more weight in the FFB as I hold a turn.

Back into SPA last night with the McLaren and Audi LMS and Audi LMS Mod R8. I was consistently in the 1:47-1:49 range and this was during a race at 80%. I was having funny racing clean and battling for first.

Now in monitor mode at 4k, I was getting those times hot lapping. in a race at 80% battling and not holding your line I was maybe 1:49 at best-1:54 range.
So I am faster and with a clean line I hope I can bet lower..

One thing I do notice, the debug SS, impact seems to not be there. I think it only kicks in sometimes. I played with different settings and I saw no FPS drop or AA sharpness.
I might crank up the AA to 4x for fun since it feels fluid now.

It is not so much the draw distance which I have come to except but when I roll closeup to cars it is great to have that visual pop of sharp car/track quality and AA helps that. I will try 4x without the Debug tool since sometimes I forget to enable.