View Full Version : Gfinity Project Cars V8 Supercar Showdown

13-09-2016, 11:02
Hey guys I have started a V8 Supercar Showdown cup on the Gfinity app for Xbox.

Planing to start this weekend, it's a best of 3 one on one, 5 laps around Bathurst in the Ford Falcon Supercar.

Never done this but if you'd like to join in download the Gfinity app onto your Xbox then search tournaments under BYOT then cups. You might have to scroll down a bit as I set it up about 1 week ago.

Planning to have the rounds last for 1 week if possible to give guys time to organise to race as 3 x 5 laps around bathurst will take approx 45 minutes to complete. So allowing 1 hour to complete will be all that is needed. I think then the results need to be relayed to me to enter as its best of 3 races just need who won each race. If it works out might do it on regular basis.

So far we have 3 out of 8. I can increase it to 16 but keeping it low to start off with to see how it all works.

18-09-2016, 05:55
As no interest I have started this with just the 3 of us. Bit of a shame but will keep the some that may have been interested but a bit unsure of how it would work on Gfinity the outcome as I have never done this before either.

Good luck to the 3 of us.

29-09-2016, 11:01
Arky888 won this cup over RawliRS.

As it was only 3 of us I (WoodyLizard) got knocked out 1st round against Arky888. As RawliRS had no one to race due to only 3 of us entered he automatically progressed to the final.

Entrants can enter their results but for the cup to progress the organiser must re-enter the results to submit.

It works ok, but really needs a good number for the cup to work. You can have up to 16 but 8 would make it interesting and worthwhile.

I would like to plan another one in the near future but would only start it with 8 entered.

Option of including 6 AI set at 85% - 90% could be a option with the winner being the heighest placed human racer between the 2 competitors.