View Full Version : PSN Messing with Pcars? Impossible to play online

14-09-2016, 17:15
I donīt know. Since yesterday itīs pratically impossible to play online. You enter a lobby and all players are RED (no exception). It takes forever to be able to drive.

Any reports? PSN incidents lately are suspect. Also the PSN update may damaged something. I dunno... Time to postpone our league race again

PS: Iīve checked my connection and its pretty stable. Every other services work perfect.

14-09-2016, 17:45
Maybe the drivers remaining are outside your world region and their ping is higher?

14-09-2016, 19:15
Yes. This is a possible cause. I have always connected to these lobbies before. Today, I entered the lobby and waited forever ...
No car set up or drive options available

14-09-2016, 19:16
I dunno whether the latest PSN network incident or its latest released update might be the culprit

Siberian Tiger
14-09-2016, 19:23
It's possible that the new PS4 Firmware puts a lot of Load on the Sony Servers...

15-09-2016, 03:44
Have you tried playing a different game? It's working fine on my end.

15-09-2016, 20:14
yes every other game is fine. Tonight I will coccect for leagues race. I'll report back.