View Full Version : Fuel load during practice sessions

15-09-2016, 15:55
Is there a way to change the fuel load during the practice sessions during the race weekend on career? All I see is for qualifying and race loads. I like to race with 100% length so it gets kinda annoying having about 12-13 liters of fuel for about 3-5 laps before having to go back in and pit

15-09-2016, 15:58
Practice sessions use the race fuel load.

15-09-2016, 16:18
Unless you change the car's setup, you will always get given enough fuel to complete 5 laps (assuming the tank is large enough, in the case of a track like Nords/Nords Combined). You have to adjust the fuel level manually to be able to run more laps - as mentioned above, set the 'race' fuel, not 'quali'.

17-09-2016, 15:46
In any career practice session you can adjust your current fuel by adjusting the race fuel slider. The the qualifying event you can adjust the fuel through the qualifying fuel slider.