View Full Version : Guess I Can Post Here Now...

16-09-2016, 16:45
Can't wait to get home from work!


Siberian Tiger
16-09-2016, 16:55
Enjoy it :) I'm still not sure if i should jump on the VR Train :)

16-09-2016, 17:44
You'll hate it, it's rubbish.

Maybe ;)

16-09-2016, 17:55
Enjoy it :) I'm still not sure if i should jump on the VR Train :)Do it, do it now :)

16-09-2016, 19:10
Yeah it sorta sucks. If you want I will buy it back from you for $250.... ;-)

16-09-2016, 19:44
Yep, yep, I've read all about how much it sucks for any cockpit based games. I'm sure when I finally re-surface around Sunday evening, I'll be right here posting about just how much it sucks. :p

16-09-2016, 21:02
You'll have eyes like raisins, which point in different directions. Just like me :D

Try the FC cars or the open cockpit prototypes, particularly the Caterham LMP jobbie. Just awesome.

16-09-2016, 21:10
The Caterham LMP was already one of my favs, this should work out well. Just got home, already pre-downloaded everything, along with some of the apps and games from the store too. Just gotta setup my camera, connect up, and go. (I'm sure it's not quite that simple, but ya know what I mean.)