View Full Version : Delta times as well as in car adjustments no longer showing up.

17-09-2016, 21:18
I noticed, recently that I'm no longer seeing my delta times or in car brake bias or roll bar adjustments. Not really a problem if I'm using a car with a MoTec but on other cars, especially in car adjustments, it leaves me just hoping the adjustment actually happened.

Anyone else have this problem or anyone know a fix?

17-09-2016, 21:27
Are you using the HUD? if you're not nothing will show, including notifications. There's usually a default key to switch between the various HUD screens and I think you must've touched it.

17-09-2016, 21:51
Yup, sounds like the HUD has been turned off - you can bind a button to cycle through the various HUD displays :)