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18-09-2016, 04:34

17 Race season to start Sunday October 23rd, 2016 ending February 19th, 2017. Published dates are subject to change if administrators require to change due to race hosts other commitments.

8 rounds consisting of 2 endurance, 3 supersprint and 3 sprint races.

Endurance rounds will be 1.5 hours in length with a 20 minute practice session to get order for a 1 lap shoot out qualifying session.

Supersprint rounds will be 3 x 25 minute races with no practice only a 10 minute qualifying session before each of the 3 races of the round. Race 1 & 2 will be the day before race 3 for date type.

Sprint rounds will be 2 x 45 minute races with no practice only a 10 minute qualifying session before each of the 2 races of the round. Race 1 will be the day before race 2 for date type.

All races of each round will have a 5 minute race warm up for last minute changes, quick break etc. All drivers in lobby are to select to start session each race so while host is checking and setting up next race in the Supersprint and Sprint rounds, members should avoid going off for a long break otherwise once host is ready only 1 minute will be allocated before starting qualifying.


Sunday 23rd October, 2016
Round 1 - Ruapuna Park GP - Supersprint 3 x 18 lap races
(Race 1 - light cloud 1pm; Race 2 - overcast 4pm; Race 3 medium cloud 2pm)

Sunday 30th October, 2016
Round 2 - Imola - Sprint 2 x 23 lap races
(Race 4 - rain, light rain, medium to heavy cloud 1pm; Race 5 overcast, light cloud 3pm)

Sunday 20th November, 2016
Round 3 - Brno - Sprint 2 x 21 lap races
(Race 6 - clear 1pm; Race 7 light cloud 3pm)

Sunday 4th December, 2016
Round 4 - Road America - Endurance 40 lap race
(Race 8 - medium cloud, overcast, medium cloud, clear 10am)

Sunday 18th December, 2016
Round 5 - Sonoma Raceway GP - Supersprint 3 x 15 lap races
(Race 9 - clear 1pm; Race 10 - medium cloud 4pm; Race 11 - heavy cloud 2pm)

Sunday 22nd January, 2017
Round 6 - Donington Park GP - Sprint 2 x 29 lap races
(Race 12 - light rain, medium cloud 1pm; Race 13 - clear 3pm)

Sunday 29th January, 2017
Round 7 - Sakitto Sprint - Supersprint 3 x 18 lap races
(Race14 - medium cloud 1pm; Race 15 - Clear 4pm; Race 16 - hazy 2pm)

Sunday 19th February, 2017
Round 8 - Bathurst - Endurance 41 lap race
(Race 17 - medium cloud, storm, clear, light cloud 10am)


Teams and privateers championship in conjunction with drivers championship.
DNF's will be awarded points based on lap number they DNF or drop out at i.e. 10 racers, 8 finish the race awarded points for positions 1-8, 2 DNF's, one drops out at lap 12/20, awarded points for position 9, other drops out at lap 5/20, awarded points for position 10.
Drivers top 12 race results will count towards the 17 race drivers and teams/privateers championship (5 drop races).


5 Teams only
Vasmac Motorsport #1 (reserved for any previous winner from our mixed seasons already run)
Vasmac Motorsport #16
Sakume Racing Performance #2
Sakume Racing Performance #22
Cassidy Racing Team #20
Cassidy Racing Team #25
Simmons Racing #23
Simmons Racing #24
Keaveneys #42
Keaveneys #43

12 Privateers only
Team Myri Racing #3
Sporddreka Exhaust Systems #4
Besmone Automotive Team #5
Elbregsen Motorsports #7
PAIS Racing Team #8
Pro Nine Racing #11
Team Apex Wings #12
Satmel Logistics #15
Team Cash Now! #18
Team Wallace #27
Wolf Enterprises #28
Grizzly Motorsport #33

Members that will make most rounds shall be required to enter into a team car rather then a privateer car.
Team members are encouraged to communicate car setup, race strategies between each other.
Casual racers or members not able to fully commit to the season shall select a privateer car.
For season 1, Vasmac Motorsport team driver in car #1 can only be a driver that has won one of AUS/NZ Combined Racing League’s championship. Supercar Season 2, Vasmac Motorsport #1 will be reserved for champion from season 1. If for some reason season 1 champion does not enter into season 2 the next highest placed driver from season 1 championship will be allocated car #1.
Drivers that qualify to select the Vasmac Motorsport #1 car currently are RawliRS, Roger InSunnyOZ, Steel Jockey, WoodyLizard and xImNotTheBestx.

Lobby Setup

Private lobby will be setup 6:45pm AEDT with invites being sent ready for a 7:00pm AEDT start.
If 2 lobbies are required, lobbies will be split into even numbers based on previous race results.
Bottom 3 from top lobby previous round results will drop into lobby 2 and top 3 from bottom lobby will be promoted into the top lobby after round 1.
If 2 lobbies are required for round 1, a 15 minute practice session will be used first to allocate lobby positions. New lobbies will then be created with members being invited into their correct lobby.
A point overlap system will be used for every race if 2 lobbies are required with the first 2 place getters in the bottom lobby getting the same points as the bottom 2 from the top lobby. Points will then continue from 3rd down in the bottom lobby.
No live streaming i.e. Twitch etc during the races as this has proven to make connections unstable.
All races of each round will have a 5 minute race warm up for last minute changes, quick break etc.
All drivers in the lobby are required to select vote to start session after checking correct car is selected from their garage before starting each race.
After the host has checked and set up next race in the Supersprint and Sprint rounds only 1 minute will be allocated before he will start the qualifying session, so members are requested not to go away for extended time during this period unless they communicate this to the host and host is happy to wait.
When 2 lobbies are required, all DNF’s will be given place from last finish place from the bottom lobby. Hosts to “record that” when someone drops out to get lap when they dropped out so both lobby drop outs can be calculated what lap they dropped out on, with the driver dropping out with most laps completed in the race by the host will be awarded next place points as a DNF after last place race finisher from the bottom lobby results.
There will be 5 dropped races, see points section for more info.
Each round will run for approximately 2 hours.


Time progression will be as follows

Supersprint - Real time
Sprint - x2
Endurance - x5


Forced interior view - No
Forced manual gears - No
Forced realistic driving aids - Yes
Force default setups - No
Dameage - Full damage
Mechanical failures - Yes
Tire wear - x2
Fuel usage - Real
Auto start engine - Yes
Flags & penalties - On
Allow ghosted vehicles - No

For more info join our Facebook page AUS/NZ Combined Racing League http://www.facebook.com/groups/1510422959263690/

18-09-2016, 08:12
All the best with your championship. Will you be uploading videos?

18-09-2016, 10:30
Good Luck.Nice to see Donington Park GP on the schedule, my home track and hope we see some awesome action.Shame I am European so I cannot compete unless I get up at silly o'clock in the morning.Though if I do please invite me.Not sure which car yet though.

12-10-2016, 21:18
9 entries so far and just over a week to go. Anyone interested come and join our Facebook group (link bottom of original post). We have a variation of driver talent with fun close respectable racing.

13-10-2016, 16:15
Good luck everyone!

24-10-2016, 08:04
Hear is a link to the 1st race highlights. I will be getting the other 2 races from round 1 done by end of the week.


24-10-2016, 10:53
Nice, just a couple of quick questions, who is in which car (gamertag) and is their any Web page with race results and/or Championship Standings.

Correction:Mistake me if I am wrong but I think that #24 is Arky888,#28 is LoonyTosol and #23 might be WoodyLizard.

29-10-2016, 22:05
Link for race 2 and race 3 from the 1st round.

Race 2 https://youtu.be/EayuVoUJt-Y

Race 3 https://youtu.be/Hkg04E9yb8A

29-10-2016, 22:11
We had some drivers selecting wrong cars due to 1st round and a bit too eager to get racing we forgot to check our cars! Then we had lobby issues which had cars stranded and not on the grid etc.

For your info Arky888 is 24, LoonyTosol is 28 and I was in car 1 for race 1 but my number is 22 which was correct in race 2 and 3.
Nice, just a couple of quick questions, who is in which car (gamertag) and is their any Web page with race results and/or Championship Standings.

Correction:Mistake me if I am wrong but I think that #24 is Arky888,#28 is LoonyTosol and #23 might be WoodyLizard.

30-10-2016, 08:40

13-11-2016, 07:57
Hey man, what is the points system as I don't have Facebook but it would be fun to keep track of.

13-11-2016, 18:40
It's a bit complicated, but it's based on the actual V8 ssupercars point system run in 2014 in Australia I think I grabbed. Points are different for the Supersprint, Sprint and Enduro rounds. You could google it!

13-11-2016, 19:04
I thought it was so.