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20-09-2016, 07:19
Hi guys,
I think that we should keep track of who is playing online. This is my "profile":

Country:United Kingdom
Favourite Series:GT3 and LMP but up for anything
Favourite Event Format:10-20min qualifying with a reasonable(approx.10-20min in time or laps)race length so gaps don't develop too much.No ghosting.
Series/Affiliations: I run an open lobby league

I hope this helps us keep track of who's online and what they like.

21-09-2016, 16:16
what you really want is a list of ppl you can invite to your league.

what you might find is that most are alreay in a league they are happy with or that most have moved on and no longer play due to the lack of bug fixes or content.
you also have forza and assetto corsa and f1 2016 to contend with so the driver numbers are very spread out.

the leagues that are running should merge, this way we will have a good core of drivers and nice full lobbies.

21-09-2016, 18:35
I know.But I also spotted the hundreds of players that have no affiliation so running an open lobby league is the only way to go unless you are as bid as AOR

07-10-2016, 19:47
not true, you need to race and see which drivers drive fair and clean and add them, ( ask first ) then you will get a list of good drivers that maybe would like to race in a series, it takes ages to get anything decent going as sadly there are far too many here today gne tomorrow series that die out as pl think its a fast wham bang thing to do.