View Full Version : G29 issue

21-09-2016, 15:09
Hi guys

I have a problem with my G29, I used it last night, today the steering suddenly doesn't work.
It don't calibrate, and in the games I tryed, it just steers left, and nothing happens.

All buttons and pedals work, I believe that it might be after the Sony 4.0 update. Read about orthers on Logitech forum with same problem. Might there be some in here with the problem?

Firmware is updated.

Hope to get help got league race to night 😀


John Hargreaves
21-09-2016, 21:53
You could try assigning the axes again in edit assignments (even though they show as correct) and then calibrate the wheel, that has worked for me in the past.

01-10-2016, 08:42
I had the same thing happen to mine, for some strange reason the button assignment for turn right had been changed to X, once i re assigned it it worked fine...