View Full Version : Stewy Online Racing Season 2 invitational events

30-09-2016, 20:10
Hi guys,
I am going to be running 2 one off events for Xbox One players over the next 2 months.They both feature, open lobby, a rolling start, no ghosting, full damage, allow assists, no forced settings and real fuel and tyres but the rest is very different.

Event 1-Nurburgring 24 hours-Friday 21st October 2016
GT3 cars
3 laps
20 minutes of qualifying

Confirmed Entries
SmokingPuppy841 - Corvette C7.R

Event 2- Le Mans 24 hours-Friday 4th November 2016
LMP1 cars
7 laps
20 minutes of qualifying
Mandatory pitstop

Confirmed Entries

Hope you enjoy!

My gamer tag is SmokingPuppy841