View Full Version : Recenter VR Headset View in Game

04-10-2016, 15:59
Is there a way to recenter the view while playing in the game? In particular, if you are in a race and the view goes crooked, is there a way to recenter without leaving the race? I'm using the Vive headset.

04-10-2016, 16:04
Yes just map VR center to a button under options-contoller-assignments

05-10-2016, 22:32
Thanks, finally got it to work.

First few times I made the assignment, the wheel would not respond to left turns in the game. Finally figured out I had to recalibrate the wheel before saving the new button assignment changes. Then of course I also lost the FFB settings. But I've learned to write everything down for future reference with this game, so it was just a matter of changing all the FFB back to previous settings.