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Shad Stang
07-10-2016, 02:24
I made a write-up on reddit on how to enable it for Project Cars. I can actually get it to look smooth now even with many opponents on the track! Oculus does plan to enable this by default soon.

Here is the last part of the reddit link b/c of forum rules

Edit: Derp, I can just copy and paste...

What ASW does is forces the framerate at 45 fps then puts in an artificial frame inbetween to make it look like 90 fps. It seemed to work well on Spa with maybe 20 opponents, my gpu usage was 60% on my 970 and it looked like 90 FPS! Note: Nvidia only and get the latest drivers (373.06) and make sure your Oculus SDK runtime is v1.8
Here's how to enable it:
Enable Vsync in the game
Open regedit (registry editor)
HK Local Machine --> SOFTWARE
Add new key under SOFTWARE, name it w/o quotes "Oculus VR, LLC"
In the newly created folder make a new key and name it w/o quotes "LibOVR"
Right click in the area on the right side and create a new DWORD 32-bit value
Name that w/o quotes "AswEnabled"
Set that newly created value from 0 to 1 to enable the value
Open up the Oculus Fireplace homescreen thing and use CTRL+NumPad 3, see the sources for the complete command list.
Now you can load up Project Cars and try out a demanding race setup like a race with opponents and check out the difference!
Any questions feel free to reply, I hope to update this to make things more clear.

07-10-2016, 18:02
This really works. Pcars has never been this smooth in Rift.

And yes, you can break it. If you really go over the limit with details, you start getting more and more "wobbly bits". Those look as if you were looking at the world through old bent window glass.
But as long as you are not there yet, it is very convincing and smooth.

07-10-2016, 20:17
Does this ASW allow me to turn up the settings with a gtx 1080?

08-10-2016, 06:02
Does this ASW allow me to turn up the settings with a gtx 1080?

I expect so. As long as you can reach 45 fps with your settings, ASW should double it to 90 by extrapolating contents of every other frame. Probably not as simple as this, but you get the idea.

John Hargreaves
08-10-2016, 13:59
Any idea when this will be rolled out for an official release? Sounds really good, and a very cool name to call it too.

08-10-2016, 20:47
Any idea when this will be rolled out for an official release? Sounds really good, and a very cool name to call it too.

I haven't watched the videos, but I read this in one of the comments about ASW in reddit:
"The session where they talked about it said it'll be off by default in 1.9 as well and in "some future update" it will be turned on by default."

If that is true I'd guess a month or two. I can understand that they want to keep testing it; while solid 45 fps looks absolutely gorgeous, with less than 45 fps the result with ASW is worse than without it. I checked with debug tool performance statistics that with just normal ATW Rift can drop all the way down to 33 fps (and not just 45), and it still keeps the head tracking relatively smooth and pCARS is still fully playable. At that point Spacewarp starts looking really bad, and if people just crank their settings to the max and expect ASW to cope with it, they will be disappointed.

I think the best result would be to have the drivers switch between ASW and ATW depending on how close the real frame rate is to 45 and 33 fps respectively. Unless of course they can make it more dynamic.

John Hargreaves
08-10-2016, 21:27
Thanks, sounds like it will be worth the wait. It sounds a bit like what FlyInside for FSX does; I've played that with the rift and been down to an indicated 15fps and it still felt smooth and perfectly playable. I could barely believe the fraps overlay. FSX is a much slower game, but it's amazing how good it is in VR.

27-12-2016, 19:43

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