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11-10-2016, 02:05
I am using ATW in steam I start with rift mode not vive in steam

I updated my drivers and added ResEdit
In the oculus home screen I can select ctr 1-4

1 sits at 90fps
2/3 sit at 45
4 at 90

So drivers appear to work

I have pcars dialed in. I was running atw and d2m getting 45-60 fps at SS 1.6 if I crank down to D2x I can get solid 45 fps even in rain and still run 1.65

So with ASW I tried 4x and 6x with as 1.55 and I was same sat atw. 33 and 23 fps average. I tried settings 2/3 and they were slower then turning it off setting 1? I did run these with.v Sync

I tried my default settings and ASW off was best frame rate.

I was hoping to see solid 45fps with default settings and many crank up to 4x

How can I tell if it's working? Does steam atw setting interfere?

11-10-2016, 03:53
Well I rebooted and it seemed to work.
By switching the keys I can see an impact on the fps.

I had d2x to start and SS at 1.7 and it was rock solid 45 and looked great maybe because of less drops then ATW which could dip at 40. I cranked up to 2,3,4 even and it was solid and looked great.

Not sure if over 2 does anything but I tried tracks and car at ultra and still good.

Then I tried 20carss thunderstorm and it shuddered. I went to SS at 1.2 and it was ok again.

I tried 4x and no rain and SS at 1.7 and it looked awesome and still rock solid at 45 FPS.

It's like I gained 2x performance! Nice to see with just software tweak

11-10-2016, 22:16
Agreed, in a night race at Spa in a thunderstorm I had to either choose really low graphical settings, or very few AI cars in order for it to run smoothly. I can now go back to my original settings, and run a 16 car field smoothly. Not only that, but I've pretty much abandoned supersampling in favor of higher in game settings and more AA / AS. To me, it looks better to do it in game natively. Besides, we shouldn't have to supersample things for games that claim VR support anyway.

12-10-2016, 00:27
I tried cranking up the aa with my SS enabled and it still bogged.
I will check aa only no SS but I did that. Fire and SS is much better to image quality then AA I found.

What I like to know does dsr work? I can select it and set it vr but not stirred if it takes.
Dsr at 4K looks better then any aa up to about 4x then aa helps
And dsr is faster

I would like to ds2x with dsr 2x-3x and maybe SS around 1.5 and probably be great.

I have to admit I underestimated the fps smoothness before I mean with atw I was right at 45fps edge with dips but now with ASW the increased ailing actually feels almost like monitor quality for distance and for cars up close it is monitor quality and the solid 45 just gives you that 3D depth feeling which is awesome

12-10-2016, 01:59
Some more testing.
NO SS and 4x is playable with my normal settings but cars are good draw distance still soft. 6x is actually playble with no SS no cars
That said 4x was playable with SS 1.2 and cars looked great up close. I was at cars, track = med, particles = high, rest low.

There was still dips below 45 and in ASW it looks worse the ATW. I was playing at D2M ATW on the edge of 45 and dialed cars back to less then 10. All was good.
I can so the same with D2M/ASW but it seemed to dip a hair more the ATW I was able to crank cars to ultra and SS was at 1.5

Ultimately i went back to D2X, cars ultra, track med, envi med, refl low shadow off. SS at 1.7 and it was rock solid at 45FPS and the benefit of smooth gameplay was apparent and looks better then pushing 4x. And in the mix of cars at ultra, high particles and smooth gameplay it was a better experience then ATW.

I tried Brands hatch at dusk with sunset,flare,15 cars and sunrays looked great and I was rock solid with lights, rays,flare,cars and all at 45FPS

Terrell Olvera
13-10-2016, 04:42
Thank you for spending the time and more importantly, reporting your results. I found this thread and gave ASW a try, which was difficult since I don't have a numpad on my keyboard. I also have not been using the debug tool and those things combined have made a night and day difference to the game.

13-10-2016, 13:47
Thanks! I have learned much about the force on these forums so I try to give back.
If you see my other post I go into detail on my lessons learned about the pcars settings for 970 to 1070.

The num pad for me worked once I pressed the num lock button.

I played some more last night and I feel the Debug tool/settings changes doesn't always change. I was able to play dx4 at 1.55 2 days ago at 45fps locked on SPA with 10 cars no problem. Same thing yesterday and it was back to 28FPS per ASW.
I tweaked back to Dx2 and repeat and it was similar not as good. then I found closing pcars, shutting oculus home and debug then opening them up again and setting debug and game plays back to 45. I think it gets stuck between so many settings.

So lesson learned if FPS seems too low when it should be higher during testing reboot the tool. Once dialed in then reboot and play. I forget to stop tweaking and just play the game.

So after some more playing I have found a few things I want to dive into more.

I was playing d2m as a compromise to d4. dxm does look better then dx2 to me before ASW and ss 1.4. Now with ASW dx2 and 1.7 even 1.9 looks as good as dm or better at 1.5 is more stable at 45fps for most tracks.

On flip side dx4 is playable now too. SPA I can do 1.6 even and it is awesome but sometimes even 1.4 is too much. so jury is still out. I need to test more tracks. I am limited on gametime and I want to pick a few more key trakcs I enjoy and cars and just get all my times and cars dialed in. I wish tehre was a way to create my own set of courses to play thru.

On graphics: I havent seen any benefit to shadows, reflect, blur, particle level (not density) so they are low.
Now with ASW and DX4 I have felt a marginal improvement between car detail high to ultra when in the pack. the Effects, tires, smoke, flames, suspension all stand out more up close.
I also notice some ghosting of tire marks on tracks. they seem to float. I keep environment at low. I wonder is that driving the tire marks?

I will start another VR thread to discuss the IQ impact of some settings and impact on popular tracks.