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12-10-2016, 12:23
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to make an app to control the helmet camera using C#. I've already done that for Assetto Corsa, and it works perfectly. I thought I could just re-use the same code for pCars but I must be missing one tiny thing because I can't get it working.

I basically use the code from FreePie to communicate with NPClient via FreeTrack. The thing which is bugging me is that if I use FaceTrackNoIR v1.7 (just for one second), and then use my app, it works. But if I try to use my app straight away, I can't get the camera moving. So FaceTrackNoIR must be doing something which I'm clearly missing but can't figure out what. So after spending days googling every possible thing, I'm literally stuck and hope that one of you guys will be able and willing to help me :)

Thank you very much for your help.


Link to my project filedropper.com/projectcars-cameracontroller

For now there camera is supposed to look right then left indefinitely.