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13-10-2016, 14:01
I know there are multiple tech threads on impact on FPS by cars ASW SS etc. I am wondering just some tips of peoples best tracks in VR, since I have been stuck on only a few, and maybe there tweaks of graphics settings to get the most from them.

I am running between Dx2-dx4 and SS 1-1.7. It seems it takes 1.4 or more to see any IQ benefit from Dx2 or Dx4 vs FPS hit.
I am only running 10 cars or less and cranking the driver level up so I always have 1-2 cars in a pack with me vs having 20 cars I blow away from. I run around 80-90 depending on track.

I think keep post effects on but found sunflare more annoying although it looks real at 17:00 on most tracks in VR it is a 10% hit
I set to subtle normally. But I typically like to play at clear days around 2pm.

Track Car Combo:
I normally just play on
Watkins Glenn
Road America

and GT3, Road B
not a huge open wheel guy but I have been looking and VR is awesome but haven't found right car yet. most are slippery.
i do like old ford GT

any good suggestion for more VR tracks/car combos?

Night/Rain/Sun Flare
What are good sun flare tracks or night tracks? Most time in VR night looks washed out in the cockpit and plain, headlights are cool, and same for rain. I found truning particles off feels better. Not a huge rain fan to race in. looks cool but too slow to enjoy. Maybe missing out.

IQ Settings:
I have my PC dialed in I think and do not see much benefit in VR to high on most settings other then SS, DX2-4, Car/Track/Particle Density detail at high
I have been playing with ASW and I have more headroom. So is there a way to get more iQ on any settings?

I think reflections and shadows create too much clipping?
Any tracks that you find are faster or slower to avoid maxing out? or ones I can max out?
Also I have noticed the tire marks float above the tracks at times. Is the Enviroment settings? Will this help?

13-10-2016, 22:03
For the sunflare and washout issues, I've found that setting the exposure compensation to .80 makes a world of difference. Colors look accurate and vivid this way, and not over the top and washed out.