View Full Version : anyone have tips for other VR games play similiar to pcars

14-10-2016, 13:33
More general question.

But Pcars is the best VR experience for me. I like flight sims too but dont want to learn DCS FSX and even ED are too slow and painful to pick up and play for 20 minutes.

I like Everspace but still too buggy.
Detached looks great but boring.
Gunjack looks cool and fun but nothing else.

Any other good fleshed out rts/fps/sims that rivals pcars VR HUD and graphics?

How is EVE Valk? I heard boring but it looks awesome?
Onward looks great but can you play with a xbox controller
any good sim shooter like arma?
War Thunder looks great but HUD is tough and like I can play with a controller but I think needs a stick to do well.

14-10-2016, 19:11
I liked 'The Vanishing of Ethan Carter VR' a lot. Very slow pace adventure/puzzle game, high quality and extremely good looking (in and out of VR).

You didn't mention Elite: Dangerous, and I definitely recommend that.

Edit: Ah, you mentioned Elite in other thread. Then probably the most original and polished VR game for Rift is 'The Climb' from Oculus Store. It is bit expensive, but you get some 25 hours of complete immersion and palm sweating fun out of it. :)

15-10-2016, 01:22
My top most played other games in VR

iRacing (spend most of my time here, the racing is fantastic)
Assetto Corsa
Elite Dangerous (I know what you said, BUT, A good HOTAS setup and VR will really draw you in, if you let it)
Dirt Rally
Blazerush (cheap, and loads of fun)

16-10-2016, 14:35
Good games.

I have a good hotas stick but man with my 8020 rig my wife would kill me and push my off the dork cliff if I add more gear.

I downloaded eve and it was good but I am running ultra with 135% pixel in game and 1.8 on SS and it looks incredible
And plays solid 90fps. With a bunch of enemies why can't pcars get there ;-)

Anyway it is a great immersion and flying feeling and uses the Xbox controller!!

I wish there was a good navy or sub sim