View Full Version : i5 4690K vs i7 6700k skylake big upgrade or wait for Kaby or do Skylake or haswell.

16-10-2016, 21:20
I have a Asus Z97 DDr3 at 1600mhz and i5 4690 running at 4.2 1070 running at 240mhz base clock and 404memory (80mhz/200mhz over base) I am confused what this means since the numbers dont add up to me LOL

I basically overclock my 1070 about 10% and get about 10% boost in FPS.
I can run pcars and finally dialed in with great graphics

DX4, textures 16x, high, 1920x1080,
Cars/Track Ultra
Particle detail med
everything else off/low

FX Effects lens flare on, sun flare on,
GSI and Crsp Rays off (big difference in FPS)

SS overide I finally found it runs solid 45FPS ASW at 1.33 and looks awesome and smooth. 20 cars late afternoon haze,sun on all my main tracks.
I can run DX2 and looks 90% the same at SS 1.7 but in certain tracks it is not as good especially open area tracks like mazda.

My setup is 3 generations old soon to be 4. Still a beast for all games. I can run EVE Valkyrie maxed at 1.8 no problems looks incredible.

But I am getting touch, and pcars is my main game, I suspect newer games will use more CPU as VR grows.

I am tempted to either
upgrade i5 to i7 4790k (is tehre a better one?) for around $330 swap easy but will it benefit pcars and future with 1070?
Skylake: do i5 or i7 6600 or 6700k. This is memory/cpu/mobo swap so easy $800 upcharge will it be better then a i7 swap today?

I just read about Kaby and it seems like a big jump in power especially for 4k and VR. Wait till Dec and get this.

17-10-2016, 18:35
8% increase is what's being claimed for the new Kaby Lake family of chips. For those that just must have the very best, and nothing else will do, I totally get it. But, for what leading edge tech costs, I'll gladly take what's one step behind it for less than half (generally) the cost and be perfectly happy.

Are you actually seeing your CPU bottleneck? Because I have a much, MUCH lower end processor (core i5 6400) and have zero issues CPU wise.

17-10-2016, 18:49
I think my system is pretty fast already but I know when 10% OC the 1070 I get about 10% increase in performance.
I heard PCars is very CPU intensive. I figure if a new memory and CPU give me another 20% boost which what I would expect.

I am at 1.33 DX4 and runs pretty solid at 45FPS but sometimes on the edge. another 8-9 FPS can allow me to run solid DX4 1.5 and more options

You are a newer CPU then me. I am Haswell LGA1150 4690K 3.5 running at 4.2 turbo you are Broadwell.